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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Internet Seller - Orange County Sportscards

Ok, maybe they aren't new but I had never heard of them. Great prices and they are having a hell of a sale right now. Free shipping with order $150 plus. BTW, why do internet sellers do their free shipping through UPS and not USPS. UPS ground takes a week and USPS takes 3-4 days at most.

By the way OCS, you are welcome. It amuses me when I link to a site and I see that they have gotten 50-100 hits off my post and then there is a hit on my site from the Admin of the site. They are probably thinking WTF did this guy write about me.

If you want to work out a deal with me, let me know. I do lots of box breaks and need a constant place to get them.


Anonymous said...

They've got some nice items on sale, that's true. Just wish they had product before 2006.

Joe S. said...

It sucks for me, though, also living in CA. They charge me tax, which brings their prices in line with everyone else.