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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off Topic - Careful who you listen to

This topic is about cars. I'll just say I know a lot about cars. I grew up poor, so we always drove a crappy car and thus my dad was always working on them trying to keep them running. My dad is as mechanically inclined as it gets and luckily I got my dad's mechanical ability and my mom's analytical ability.

It wasn't uncommon up until 1970 or so to buy a car and the damn thing just didn't work, the epitomy of a Piece of Shit. Things got better in those years from 1971- 1985 but it still happened. Problems decreased significantly from then on.

Today there are still lemons out there. A car that just doesn't work, it happens. No one can figure out why the damn thing won't run right it just doesn't. Here's the thing about mechanics. Its in input/output system. It can be complicated, you might not understand it, but when something does or doesn't work, there is a reason.

As many of you might have picked up from my blog, I also worked for Gateway Computers for a couple of years. I did sales/tech support and let me tell you, explaining the above to a high school drop out house mom from Springfield, OR was quite the task.

This morning, although its afternoon for you east coaster, I found this article. Notice the second car down is an SX4 Crossover. Yeah, that's what I drive. Ready for a little more digression?

When I got done with college in 1998, I was driving and 89 s-10 blazer 4x4 with 150K on it. Conventional wisdom is that chevy's are/were crap? Simply not true. I can still list all the problems I had with that car. At 120K miles a $12 frame mount needed to be replaced, the starter went out twice at 130K and 140K, the replacement had to have been defective, the battery cable had to be replaced at 135k. At 130k front end parts needed to be replaced after I hit a monster West Virginia Pot Hole. The windshield wipe switch went out at 135k and a $7 light switch and bracket needed replaced. Some would see that as a laundry list of problems for the car. Look at the mileage, its called maintanance.

My next car was a 1998 dodge neon that I still see around town 7 years after I traded it away. Problematic car, you might think so, but no. At 98k the air conditioner compressor went out and at 105k the timing belt shredded at 65 miles an hour and bent all my valves etc? Problematic car? No. Here's what happened, turned out that I had taken my car in at 104k to have it looked at because there was a noise coming from the engine. The repair shop said it was nothing to worry about. Turned out the water pump was going out at 104k and then froze up a few days later causing the belt to shred. Again, maintanance. Parts on cars fail sometimes, especially higher mileage cars.

I got that fixed and didn't have any more trouble for a year and a half and traded it on a 2003 dodge neon. I had that car for 4 1/2 years, put 70k on it and had no problems except for someone broke out my windshield and the car was hit three times, oil changes and a set of tires is all I did to that car.

Now I have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover. 24,500 miles over two years old. Oil changes and that's it. What the hell is the article talking about it you don't need the AWD you should get a different car. No shit sherlock. Ya think? Hey if you don't need to haul big trailers around you should get something other than a semi.

You see, the article did nothing but pick 5 cars from lower on the intelichoice list and then suggested cars that were higher on the list, yet there is no analysis as to why a car may be better or worse. The chevy aveo? Yeah, you can get one of those for next to nothing, the option packages are often better than a lot of the cars they suggested. Would I buy an aveo? No, doesn't fit my needs. Would I buy a Versa? Hell no.

Back to my SX4. The Honda Fit, Really. If these jerkoffs had actually driven a fit and then an SX4 they would know that they are not in the same class. 4 wheel disk 16 inch wheels standard? I didn't think so. The SX4 has 26 more HP. You might notice a slight difference between 117 HP and 143. Idiots. Sx4 warranty 7yr/100,000, Fit 3yr/36,000. Hmmm? AWD vs. No AWD?

The SX4 is built like a brick, in a good way, so when the honda fit has slid off the road, be sure to flag me down and I'll give you a ride to get some help. The good news is you will have 10 cup holders to hold the cups you have to pee in when you are stuck.

The problem is that these people are bean counters, they don't drive the cars, they know nothing about the cars, they are too busy on their knees with Honda/Toyota/Nissan's nuts on their chin. I think these are the same people that say the corvette is a piece of crap and the GM should scrap it.

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