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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off Topic - One of the most pretentious conversations I have ever seen

I know both of these people from high school:

Friend 1: is reading about Roman exemplarity...and falling asleep.

Person I don't know: falling asleep or comatose?

Friend 2: Let me guess...exceptionalism was the basis of their foreign policy, they had a manifest destiny to dominate their hemisphere, and everything was alright as long as the frontier provided a pressure release valve for the ambitious malcontents?

Friend 1: bordering on comatose. @Friend 2: much worse--distinctions between modern theories of identity construction and the anachronistic application of those theories to Roman social roles found in the literary and pictorial tradition of exempla. I think I just bored myself explaining that.

IAMJOECOLLECTOR: I'm reading the lost symbol, but somehow I don't think that it is related. BTW big words confuse me, many big words really confuse me.

Friend 2 Oof. Didn't all that become passé in about 1998? I suppose it is useful to emphasize the importance of approaching material from a more self-critical/self-aware point of view....damn Freud ruined everything...but it does sound tiresome.

Wow, um mentally masturbate much?


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Go west, young man.

Motherscratcher said...

What if "C-A-T" really spelled Dog?