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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Randy Johnson Retires

It's true. It's a little sad for me actually because The unit is one of the few players from my childhood that was still playing. Griffey Jr. is the last I suppose and this will be his final year if he plays it out. Maybe Moyer?

Johnson came up with the Expos and was then traded to the Mariners. My friend Robert Rose, the guy with all the luck when getting cards, was a huge Randy Johnson fan. I kind of blew it off, but one thing was undeniable, Johnson had a hell of a strikeout pitch. He would whip his long arm with his 6'10" frame and the batter, especially left handers had no idea what was coming and no shot of hitting it.

As it turned out Robert was right on and the unit became, arguably, the most dominant pitcher in baseball. He will be a first ballot hall of famer if there is any justice. Frankly, he should be a unanimous selection, but he won't be because of some idiot that thinks that no one should go in that way.

He had an embarassingly good 1999-2002 where he averaged about 354 K's went 81-27. If you toss in the last half of 1998, he went 91-28. He is a 5 time Cy Young (4 in a row) and 10 time all star. He finished 2nd in the Cy voting 3 times.

I don't think there is anyone that things Randy was a roider which brings up an interesting question for the roid supporters out there: What would The Unit have done if he wasn't competing against roided up hitters. Easy you say, everyone was pitching against roided up hitters. Not so fast chief, what if other pitchers weren't using roids. I'm looking at you Roger. Roider Clemens beat out Johnson twice for the Cy. BTW, anyone that says that roids are ok. I've got a message. F U!

Anyway, Robert and I spent a lot of summers watching and talking about Johnson. You knew him when you saw him, always fun to watch, and his Rookies were easy to come buy. The year he struck out 300, Robert lost his mind. The year he went 18-2 and won his first Cy young after losing to Roger McDowell a couple years before.

I was glad I got to see him pitch the perfect game, albeit on TV. Honestly I'm not sure who was more feared in their prime, him or Nolan.

I haven't seen Robert in 13 years and have no idea where he is at but I know he probably feels the same way that I do about hearing the news. Anyway, without being too sentimental, thanks Randy.


TJ said...

Was he with the Expos or Mariners when he destroyed that bird? That was a such a long time ago. Good run Big Unit.

grant said...

I have to completly agree with you on this one! were are the same age and I'm also watching the last decent players I grew up watching leave the game. When Griffey goes I will be pretty close to tears ! I'm jsut glad I got to see him one last time up in a Seattle uniform last season. As far as Johnson he was just a machine. The days of Steriods HGH'S or whatever sci-Fi (but legal until the the league catches up with them) enhancing chemicals are well upon us and that's what will fill the future hall of fame if there is one to fill! Grant

Motherscratcher said...

I doubt there's ever been more intimidating pitcher. I must be a hell of a thing standing in the left box with that guy pitching. He's so tall it probably looks like if the ball doesn't hit you, you might get bitch slapped by Johnson's left hand. I always wanted to stnd in there, just to see if I could do it.

As far as Johnson vs Ryan, I guess it's hard to say. My gut feeling is that Ryan made batters afraid that they would strike out. Johnson made batters afraid that they might die. That's a whole other level of fear there. With all respect in the world to Ryan, I'd have to go with Johnson.

grant said...

Very well said motherscratcher! Any pitcher that pulverizes a bird in mid air! (jesus what are the chances that just says "I'm a bad ass and screw mother nature"!)or can reach you from the mound is a scary thought! not to mention he wasnt excactly the most freindly looking guy in baseball! any body ever even think about going to the mound after the unit hit them? I can't recall? I wouldn't but that doesn't say much I for one would not attempt an at bat against him only becuase the emberassment would be so obvious! Grant