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Saturday, January 9, 2010

So, I'm watching Game 5 of the '86 NLCS

Nolan Ryan v. Gooden

It's an overcast October New York day, the box seats are really empty.

Baseabll players are still thin and look like regular people. Wally Backman is sporting a terrific stache. Nolan has struck out the first two batter looking. A stat pops up that says that Ryan has struck out 15 batter 27 times......second to Randy Johnson.

The Camera is offset to the right side and Ryan looks like he is standing on the plate. The Umps still have those suit jackets on. I think they need to bring those back.

Keith Hernandez is a star period. Hofer..no, Star yes

MLB TV needs to get over the Hot Stove thing. Again, too much analysis for January.

Mike Scott being accused of scuffing the ball, I'm surprised that by now they don't make the pitchers pitch with perfectly smooth balls, no stitching.

Yogi Berra is stone cold chillin in the Stros dugout.

For some reason I find this 24 year old replay more exciting than today's games. Not sure why that is. Maybe because players move around too much? Maybe bacause now they look like they spend more time in the weight room or the buffet line?


packaddict said...

I love watching old games. I don't have MLB TV yet so I buy them from iTunes for 2 bucks a pop and I can't get enough.

Motherscratcher said...

I love the replays too. I wrote about a Mark Fidrych game on MLBN shortly before he died. That game got me hooked.

You're absolutely right about how the players looked skinny and human. They looked like people that little kids could watch and consider it possible to be one day.

James said...

That was a great series. I think the Mets lost the first two games of the Red Sox series becauset the Houston series took so much out of them.