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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorta off topic- Google searches

One of my areas of practice is doing OSHA law. Its a pretty narrow area and not many attorneys are experienced in it. So I searched on google for Osha lawyers oregon and I am on page 4 or something of the searches.

When I type in masterpieces baseball or masterpieces football, I am number 2 ahead of Upper Deck for Christ's sake. My firm's website gets a bunch of hits, pays for clicks through advertising as well, yet my little blog that started with nonsense posts and has continued the tradition ranks way higher in searches.

BTW www.Harrislawsite.com is my firm's site. No picture of me though. They don't want me to scare off any potential clients.



John said...

Baseball cards are more interesting than Lawyers

Jeff said...

The amount of sites linking in decides your ranking in searches most of the time. Lot of blogs link to other blogs so the amount of linked sites is high.