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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Topic is Feedback

of the Ebay variety and of the what to do variety.

Here's the issue. I bought an item just before Christmas. Within a day the seller is sending me requests for feedback on both items. Two days later more emails requesting feedback. Then the day I received the items two more emails. How do you deal with these.

Second issue. Seller mislabels some cards in an auction. In fact he mislabeled the green windsor and green linen 07 masterpieces parallels. Most people just label them as "green". This guy actually labeled them specifically and did it incorrectly. Turns out the lots were mixed lots. Anyway, I bought a ton of lots from this guy. I let him know and his answer was to basically ship back all the cards at my own expense and he would return my money. Is that reasonable?


Captain Canuck said...

I get emails all the time from sellers requesting feedback. My simple answer is No. not until you've given me feedback. I fulfilled my end of the deal long ago. What are you waiting for? Waaaay too many sellers do not give feedback if given it first. Not the way it works kids.
And if they ask before it arrives, I tell them it hasn't arrived. then I make them wait. Up to a week after it actually arrives. Then they start to sweat about getting a crappy rating for shipping time.

Anthony K. said...

I hate it when sellers beg/ask for feedback. I will give you feedback when I give you feedback, don't worry, I didn't forget about you.

As for the mixed up lots, if you don't want them anymore (since they were mislabeled) you have to send it back on your own bill before receiving any kind of refund from paypal. Mainly, because it is their policy, which is pretty pathetic.

PatsCards said...

You leave me feedback and I'll leave you feedback after I receive the items and they aren't mislabeled, damaged, broken or the wrong item.