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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tough Pulls: 1993 Topps Stadium Club First Day Production

Back in 1991 when Topps introduced Stadium Club, nothing was hotter. Those bad boys were pulling in $5 a pack easy. Great photography, nice card stock, glossy uv coating foil stamped madness. By 1993 things had changed. Bowman had become a premium set as of 1992 and Finest was in the pipeline. We hadn't quite headed to the land of insert in every pack hell, but we were getting there.

Enter the First Day Production. Arguably a precursor to the full blown serial numbering and paralleling of every card, the "First Day Production" was a parallel set that was meant to make a certain number of cards special by showing they were printed the first day. There was Topps Gold in 1992, but that's for another day. The cards were inserted 1 per box meaning that it would take 750 boxes to put together a set if you didn't pull any doubles. That would only cost roughly $30k to complete a set. These cards can be found for little of nothing these days, but I have never heard of one of these sets being put together. Interesting project none the less.

That is why these are a tough pull, there was no cheap way around getting one and with the volume it took to pull a particular card, it was damn near impossible to find the card you were looking for. Also, Stadium club was not a product that everyone opened. It was still $40+ a box and many people stuck with base Topps in those days. Most shops I knew got less than a case of it because the distributors made you jump through hoops to get the stuff. Thus in pre-ebay days, the card you were looking for was a long shot at best. These cards weren't featured in shops like Donruss Elite singles so that made it even tougher.




FanOfReds said...

Fairly anticlimatic for as tough of a pull as they were huh? Oh well - I often miss the days where we didn't need/expect scraps of cloth and chunks of wood embedded in our baseball cards... That's probably why I keep going back and trying to build a lot of 80s/early 90s sets!

paulsrandomstuff said...

I managed to put together most of the Mets team set on high school student's budget through local card shows and ads in Sports Collectors Digest -- I'm still missing Dwight Gooden and a couple others.

I can't imagine trying to build the full First Day Production set.

Scott said...

As of 5/29/2010, I need only 1 card to complete the 1993 Topps Stadium Club First Day Production Set. I am looking for #557 Don Mattingly and am willing to pay full book value for it. If anyone comes across one, please email me at mtnman661@comcast.net By the way, I have heard of only 2 complete sets since I have been collecting the cards. I also am just about done with the Football and Basketball sets as well. Scott

JT said...

I have a 1993 1st day production barry bonds 51a (no stars) and I'm having a heck of a time finding a value of it. If anyone has any info please e-mail me at jenteague317@gmail.com thanks

Brenda McFall said...

I have a box containing 20 unopened packages, of the Topps Stadium Club 1st Day Production Cards. I wouldn't know if the card you are looking for is included, but willing to sell the complete box. anyone interested?

Richard Romero said...

I've got Pat Borders and Ken Hill! I think somebody somewhere would still want it right? 33richardromero33@gmail.com love to great from somebody!