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Friday, January 29, 2010

Warner walks away

Nothing much to say other than you couldn't write a better story. Well that's not true, they would have won the Super Bowl last year if it was a work of fiction.

I know there are some people that don't like him although I can't be sure why. Maybe its those pedigree snobs. You know those people, you aren't from the right family, didn't grow up in the right neighborhood, don't go to the right parties.

Whatever it is, those aren't people that I care to associate with. ITs easy to look at things retrospectively and see how "easy" it was. Sure it was, the man toiled and toiled. Cut, and thrown in the trash bin, to super bowl MVP, thrown back in the trash bin and a play away from the top again. Was anyone really rooting against Warner? Steeler fans get a pass. If you dislike is religious activities, that's cool, I get it.

On tho the Hall of Fame. Child Please. Really? If you say no, are you just mad or insecure about your favorite player not getting in? Just watch the video.

The man took the Rams and the Cardinals, the fucking arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Really? The only QB that compares to that is Fran.

Frankly Warner made me want to watch Football, just like Favre does. Just like Randy Johnson made me want to watch Baseball. See all of you in 5 Years.

That'll do Kurt.


James said...

I think he's a class act. The NFL needs more players like him.

Alex said...

You want a reason not to like Warner. Here goes.

When asked about the whether god (as Homer says, my favourite fictional character) had something to do with him leading the Cardinals to the SuperBowl, he said god was doing his work through him in leading them to the Super Bowl.

When then asked if god then had something to do with his Rams losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, he said of course not - and implied that the Patriots somehow cheated!

I'm sorry, I despise anybody who credits god with the good, but not with the bad, which is all humanity's fault. If you are going to be silly enough to credit god with things, at least credit him/her/it with the good, the bad and the indifferent.

So yes, I can appreciate his skills on the field and the hard work it took to get there, but I despise him for his religious fundamentalism.

stusigpi said...


You are correct. The same thing bothers me, but he does a lot of good with his time and his money, so for me its a wash.

A lot of players do the god thing on the field and in their interviews and it bugs me everytime.

That being said, Warner, as James said above, is a really classy guy.

Alex said...

I suppose. However the question has to be asked:

Does he do good with his money because he believes he needs to get into heaven (and is thus doing it for his own purposes), or does he do it purely for the sake of doing good?

Either way I suppose some good comes out of it and we should be happy with that.

Alex said...

Oh, and it was good to see Tim Tebow struggle in the Senior Bowl.

stusigpi said...

I think Warner is actually a good guy. If he wasn't than it would have come out by now.