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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Psychology, boredom, whatever it is, a day makes a difference.

Consider the following two cards:
We welcomed Malcolm into the fold last night
He is a no nonsense two color patch /50. He is respectable, straight forward, and presents himself well.

Malcolm's slightly more attractive, yet less focused three color brother from the same mother showed up today.
This one is all sorts of complicated with 90 degree angles and some rough edges on those breaks.

Which one cost more? Duh. I wouldn't be asking the question if it was obvious. The two color cost $11.59 last night and the three color cost $5.90 this evening.

There are some obvious other differences. The three color is from Canadia, thus it is tainted. The second, yet related, is that the guy spelled color wrong. I mean colour? Really? How uneducated can you get? My favourite teacher once said spelling is everthing. Third, the auction ended on Sunday and everyone was jacked up because of the last day of football season.

Uncle Joe Collector's moral of the story is that it is fine to watch a card that is ending on Saturday or Sunday, but try to find one that ends during the week. Especially at rush hour.


Roy-Z said...

"spelling is everthing"?

haha. Sorry.

stusigpi said...


What are you sorry for?

Captain Canuck said...

first of all, it's "everything"
second, just because we can remember all of the letters in a particular word and you can't, doesn't make it tainted.
colour, grey, axe, behaviour, candour, catalogue, centre, cheque, dialogue, doughnut, endeavour, favour, etc...

oh, and my favourite ones... we use defence and offence to your defense and offense.
where the heck do you get an "s" in those words???