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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why the difference in retailers?

Blowout has the most extensive outreach program. Message Boards, advertising on blogs, huge promotions, sponsorships, post 100 times a day on Twitter, etc. Also Chris is all about customer service

DA Cardworld, once my favorite and go to retailer has a blog they post on once a moon, no sponsorship that I am aware of, no message boards, they do have a facebook page, but overall DA doesn't do a whole lot. I have gotten great customer service from Da with the exception of 1 time.

Big T sportscards. Big seller on Ebay that actually has the stones to post actual auctions of cases rather than overpriced BIN crap that most have. No message boards, no sponsorship, no nothing. Fast shipping, in other words they get the stuff into UPS's hands fast but it still takes 7 months by wagon to get to Oregon

Atlanta Sports Cards: Josh gives quick service, and Atlanta has started message boards that are kind of catching on. Not much else than that. Shipping takes forever to the West Coast. Atlanta uses Twistter, sponsors FCB if I recall but no blog outreach

Pgh Wholesale: Who? Exactly, but decent prices.

Orange County Sports Cards: Good sale, No promotion and I happened upon their site by pure accident

So why the difference? Enjoy the traffic.


GCA said...

Atlanta just shipped me five hockey boxes that I ordered Sunday afternoon. They showed up yesterday (Wednesday).
Have also successfully ordered wax from Pittsburgh and Big T's...

Offy said...

I started off ordering from Dave and Adam's mostly due to the free stuff, but I had a pretty bad customer service experience with them and decided to try out Blowout and I haven't gone back. I had one customer service issue with them and they came through with flying colors.

Joe S. said...

I started with Dave and Adams but have since gotten the best overall service from ATL Sportscards and Blowout. Not that DA was ever bad, but these other two are consistently cheaper and will price match if they're not.

NicoLax24 said...

I have only ordered from DA. One time I had a problem that they decided to ship my order even though half of it was not currently in stock. Meaning I was paying $7 in shipping for $8 of cards. They gave me a $5 rebate when I talked to them about it. For the products that I've looked at, they seem to be the cheapest but I haven't done much exploring.