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Monday, February 22, 2010

Giving Donruss/Panini a fair shake

I haven't done so in 2009/10. I was kind of hard on 2008 Donruss products for the poor condition of the cards out of the pack, terrible hits i.e. rookie free agent autos, and sticker autos. In fact, I haven't bought a Panini product since they took over.

Frankly Upper Deck Mops the floor with Panini in my opinion but I think its time I give them a second chance.

So what product should I open, limited, threads, the premium basketball?


Captain Canuck said...

you're not missing anything bud... no 2nd chance needed....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I haven't been terribly impressed - but the upcoming 2010 Prestige Football has a decent design for the most part. That said, I usually liked their Score stuff - weird I know. But that was Pre-Panini as well. I swear to the sweet holy marsupial mama that the only three companies I truly like these days is Rittenhouse (non-sports), Topps (low-mid range product), and Press Pass (pretty much all of it). Yes. Press Pass.

Alex said...

I obviously seem to be in the minority in the blogosphere, though not on many boards, in that it's Upper Deck that has done nothing for me over the last year or so and still continues to do nothing for me - even without the whole lawsuit.

On the other hand, being a football Favre collector I've always liked Donruss/Playoff and have continued to like them since they have become Panini. If I were to bust wax (which I don't, as buying Favre auto and patch cards is expensive enough), from what I have seen come out I would buy:

1. National Treasures
2. Leaf/Donruss Certified (personal preference I really like these cards while not overyone does)
3. Leaf/Donruss Limited

stusigpi said...


How do you compare the SP Authentic RPA's with Limited or Certified specifically?

Alex said...

I don't. I've never been a rookie collector, so SPA has never been a product I particularly like.

I collect Brett Favre. I have 150+ Autos, 200+ patch cards, 100+ jersey cards, 100+ other mem cards, 2000+ other cards.

For me, limited and certified have produced nice Favre auto and patch cards, while SPA has been rather scarce in this department. If you want rookies, I suppose SPA is the go. For me I prefer limited and certified as they are more likely to have Favre in them.

Chris S said...


How about Topps Jumbo basketball, have you seen the stuff coming out of them?