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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hockey Group Break

I have quite a few Canadien readers. Anyone looking for a Hockey Group Break. Maybe 5-10 slots, a Case at a time or just a few boxes? Thoughts? The Cup, OPC Premier, OPC, ITG Oh Canada? 1972? Vintage Topps?


dogfacedgremlin said...

I'm not in Canada but I'm game if the price is right!!

amlsportscards said...

I would be willing to participate. Sounds like a great idea! Upper Deck Trilogy looks nice!

Tunguska said...

Trilogy is pretty nice for the hits. I recently pulled a Steve Mason auto plexiglass card.
Depending on the price of The Cup slots that would be real nice to get in on. Never gonna break that on my own but in a group it might actually be possible.

Confirmation word has me hungry now!! - sworma

oldschoolbreaks said...

I'd love to be in as well! I'd be down for any of the previously mentioned products.