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Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you haven't seen it by now - 1967 Topps Pack

Here is the video of Olberman opening the 67 Topps Baseball pack.

The corners look to be sharp and the pack did look unmolested but why do all the cards I see pulled from vintage packs seem to be so off center? The answer is simple. When people look at the packs they can see the cards. There is no way the off center cards are worth more than the sealed pack so no one opens them. Then someone comes along and doesn't know any better and opens the pack.

I was impressed with Olberman's knowledge and it was clear that he wasn't faking his descriptions. He is a true collector with a lot of money and is good for the hobby.

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Jeff said...

I was looking for this video last night lol. Olberrman is a big time collector so I thought it was really neat. He wrote a really neat article on the Toppsmillion website by the way, about his 1967 collection.