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Friday, February 19, 2010

Its really not that good

My little scratches and blather about the UD lawsuit is getting way too much attention. Upper Deck has hit the article 15 times and Quinn Emanuel (UD's lawyers) have done it 12. It surprises me as the article was a stream of consciousness post with bad spelling and grammar. The least either could do is offer me a job or pay me for it if they think its worth reading that many times.

As I said before Quinn Emanuel knows their stuff, actually they are a top 5 firm if I remember correctly. UD is paying through the nose but is getting their money's worth. Hopefully UD isn't getting billed for QE to read my post, but I would say they most likely are.


grant said...

Jesus, I felt bad enough for you having to break all those heritage on video! ( thanks for the great work on the breaks BTW it's appreciated)The Aussie lawyer will tell you I'm just a Hick even though I lived in a city for 12 years that has nearly 20% the entire population that his country has ( And I love that country BTW). I think people are missing the point it's a hobby and only the collectors will suffer unless your REALLY into Topps having a monopoly on the hobby. The MLB is just throwing their weight around and I for one hope they lose. Again I'm a simpleton, not a lawyer but I was a R.D.O. for a multi million dollar company so I'm not as stupid as my hobby post make me out to be. : ) again thanks, Jeff you go above and beyond for a lot of us and as far as I'm concerned it's to bad there are not more of collectors out there like you. Grant

Alex said...

That's hilarious. How do you know Upper Deck and Quinn Emanuel have looked at your site? And yeah, Quinn Emmanuel is almost certain billing Upper Deck for the "research".

Oh, Hi Grant. I've said my peace to you, how about a truce?

Alex said...

Oh, and as I said previously, I am all for competition and hate monopoly. My only problem is when the competition is a bunch of greedy, unscrupulous bastards who are little better than mobsters.

And yes is a hobby for you and me - but not for the card companies and MLB.

You have your opinion Grant and I have mine, with neither of us necessarily right or wrong, and the great thing about both our countries is that we can express them. Cheers mate.

stusigpi said...

I agree that some of upper decks business preactices have been terrible. Konami.

I can tell because of the statistic moniitor that says "view my stats". It tracks who has visited by provider, ip, date and time.