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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Masterpieces Group Case Break

I have gotten lots of emails from interested parties, but its time to get down to bidness.

So who is in?

Well, are you? There are only 4 spots not including me.
Cost is $80 a person. To give you an idea, shipping is $11 to get the cards to you and paypal fees are $2-3. So for the cost of a couple boxes you get 4 boxes worth of autos, jerseys, black framed, YSL, and red frame.
5. Me (I pay half the case)

you would get all of the basecards and shortprints, Yankees Stadium Legacy Cards (these sell shockingly well), black framed and red framed except for any that I might need for my set, which is few. You would get all of the jerseys and all of the black framed autos. You would also get any printing plates.

I would keep all of the numbered parallels, the YSL jersey card (if there was one), and any jersey/auto, patch, or patch/auto.

This offer is available to as many people that would be interested. At first blush it may seem odd, but I don't have any interest in the jersey cards and the autos I have most of them.

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