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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ted Williams Upper Deck Ultimate Game Worn, Event Worn or Manu Patch

This patch has made the rounds.

as has this Seaver patch

Here is the discussion on the Williams
Here is the discussion on the Seaver

Most of the time we just take everyone's word for it that the jersey is the jersey, the patch is the patch and the auto is the auto. With jerseys and patches we can't disprove anything so we are stuck with what we have. Also, think about how hard it is with fake patches? Unless its a jersey that was never worn, we have no evidence. Blowout does have its share of idiot posters, but these guys seem to have a clue about what is going on.


beardy said...

I've seen cases of this stuff busted and scanned on the forums. Not a single patch has a stain on it. They may be game-used, but was it a legends game? The language on the back just says it was used in a "baseball game", presumably since Upper Deck cannot legally say "an official MLB baseball game", without a license. It could have been used in a backyard pickup game for all we know.

I'm going to say they're manufactured, simply because of the quantity and quantity of the patches they used.

Alex said...

Where there is a buck to be made, there will always be someone there trying to take the easy way and make it in a dishonest way - whether that is an individual, or a multi-million dollar company. Unfortunately that is human nature.