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Monday, February 1, 2010

Topps is now doing on card apparently

Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Yay! The way it should be!

Community Gum said...

I reserve my "Yay!" for now. Topps already has on-card autos for Heritage, so....

Also one of their tweets now mentions how "Chuch" Lidell [sic] just signed more stickers.

But I totally agree WW, on-card is definitely the way it should be.

Alex said...

If only they were sporting cards, instead of cards of felons trying to kill each other.

I've never had a huge problem with sticker autos. While I prefer on card, I dislike the fact that some on card autos don't have a specific place on the card to be signed, so it looks like they have been signed anywhere. As such I don't mind sticker autos if they have a designed place on the card to go.

grant said...

Alex, once again you hae shown how much of an uneducated Idiot you really are. Do you know how many felons are in the MMA? Since Iv'e followed it an participated not only as an amatuer boxer but trained and met many UFC members in Las Vegas, I can assure you that the 99.8% of MMA fightera are not blood thirsty felons trying to Kill each othe, most spend years ( decades) training either in Jujitsu, Amatuer or colligiant wrestling, boxing and many other well respected sports and forms of martial arts. I trained in 3 different gyms in Las vegas over 12 years and never met more discpilined, Professionals (outside of thier actual fights) non violent people. In fact they are humble and very aware because of thier training they are most likely not to go out and start fights to show how tuff they are in fact quite the opposite they know that an average guy will lose that fight most of the time. And you like sticker auto's end of story. you don't think before you type at all do you. I'm gonna have to stop getting on the blog for fear I have to see another comment from you. I'm sorry you have no common sense and you input is useless and your not the political correctness pass judgement with no facts police. like I said before join a rally and the tea bag party if your not already a member. I just do not like you at all. Just had to let you know that becuase I'm not responding to your worthless comments anymore. Grant

Alex said...

Grant - if I wanted, all that I need to say in response to you could come from your first sentence:

"Alex, once again you hae shown how much of an uneducated Idiot you really are."

Hae? You have more spelling errors in your comment than you have brain cells in your head (not hard I know).

Your "And you like sticker auto's end of story. you don't think before you type at all do you." is great. Brilliant arguement to go along with brilliant punctuation.

Oh, have you heard of paragraphs? Obviously not. Uneducated idiot? That is clearly you. I could state my educational qualifications, but I don't want to seem like I am showing off. Suffice to say they clearly dwarf your qualifications. Seriously, start and complete high school, then come back and make a comment.

As for my comment on UFC - IT WAS A JOKE. If you have read some of my other comments, it would be obvious I am an NFL fan. Now one of the sad things about the NFL is the number of people in it or associated with it that have had run ins with the law, which is why it is jokingly called the National Felons League. On top of that it is a violent sport that often comes accross as two teams trying to kill one another. Isn't it then funny that I have a go at the UFC by claiming it is a bunch of felons trying to kill one another? That is why I specifically used the word felon, not criminal or another word.

Grant, I haven't asked you to respond to my posts and take you away from your precious tasks like shooting skunks, eating squirrels and having lewd thoughts about your siblings, so if you don't respond, it won't worry me. :)

Alex said...

Oh, and you don't like me? The feeling is more than mutual.