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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tough Pulls: 1993 Topps Black Gold

Topps had jumped into inserts in 1992 and was increasing their numbers by 1993. In 1992 Topps issued the gold versions of each basecard. Each card had the name and team stamped in gold. Pretty interesting cards at the time. Foil stamping was slowly becoming the standard.

In 1993 Topps issued "Black Gold" inserts along with the regular gold which were 1 per pack, 2-3 per cello and rack pack. Black Golds were inserted at 1 per box or less. There were 44 cards total, 11 in each series of A, B, C, and D and if I recall correctly they were inserted at different rates based upon the series. These were issued in Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball.

As you can see, there was a funky diamond cut foil board type stuff to use. There is no indication of damaged cards and as far as I know the only issue was centering. Why do these qualify as tough pulls? Simple, building a set of these took case after case after case just to amass the 44 cards.

Topps threw a curveball as well. As in 1992 Topps Gold, Topps issued "Winner" cards that were good for all 11 cards of a particular series. In 1992 the gold cards were stamped with an extra "winner" insignia to differentiate the winners from the much tougher pack pulls.

Here are some 1993 Black gold winners:

I don't know the insertion rates of the winners and it was not apparent that the cards had been marked as such. If someone could confirm this for me that would be great. I couldn't imagine trying to build a set of these back in the day, the regular gold cards were tougher because of sheer number of them. Regardless the winner cards killed the value pretty quickly on these. These are nice looking cards and can be picked up cheaply for sure.


Collective Troll said...

I opened boxes and boxes of 1993 Topps. I remember when my local Kay Bee went out of business in '96 they clearanced a bunch of old wax. I bought like 20 boxes for 50 bucks. It turned out to be a waste of money... I got halfway through the black gold set and never pulled an instant winner. For a tough pull, I thought it was an ugly set.

Dan said...

Though they were tough pulls, they were inserted five per factory set. I opened one up and received the winner C/D card and redeemed it for that half of the set. I think A/B were in series 1 and C/D were in series 2. I liked them way better than the Topps Gold one per pack deal.

Anonymous said...

I liked the design of the Black Golds, I dunno why. It just seemed to pop for me.

elmer said...

I was looking this card series up and found your post. Just found in my attic an uncut 132 count sheet of the A/B series my dad gave me in college. Its in a hard plastic poster cover, mint condition. It repeats 5 times cards 1-11 and 12-22 and has 11 of the instant winner cards for both the A and B series. Ever see something like that? Wondered how rare that was.

stusigpi said...

Can you send me a pic to jldoveror@yahoo.com ?

Pretty rare, never seen one of those. Although I did see those uncut sheets in this post:


No idea how much something like that would be worth.

Anonymous said...

I have all 44 of the black and gold cards from 1993 if some one wants to make an offer I am willing to sell them for the right price email at les71381@yahoo.com

nickutis6 said...

I have an excellent condition Black Gold ABCD Winner card..... what do you think it might be worth?

Mike Gross said...

I redeemed my winner cards and have the entire A-D set, unopened. Any idea on value? Mike

Timmy Paterakis said...

So yesterday I got a 1993 topps black gold football abcd winner card but i have no idea how much it is fo you