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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upper Deck and the SP Authentic Football

SP Authentic Football, in its current form, may be one of the best products ever. But before I break the awaiting boxes of joy, provided they arrive today, I have a thought or two on how it could be improved.

First, the boxes are just a tad too expensive. Not on a content basis per se. 3 hard signed cards per box is nice, but how many of those are throw away scrubs. Quite a few from what I opened of 2008. I opened damn near a case. Personally I only care about the RAP's and the jersey autos. The plain autos are a tough pill to swallow and usually have no value. I would rather UD stick with 1 jersey/patch/auto and an additional patch card or auto for a total of 2 hits. They could then drop the price $10 or so. I would imagine that the third hit does cost around $10-$20 to produce. I would rather be able to snag an RPA at a $75 price point than $100.

Second, these should come in 6 box cases. Nothing worse than opening box after box without a case hit, especially at this price point. Think Master Case of 12 boxes and two inner cases.

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