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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Upper Deck Replacement Redemption - Part Deux: The Beardy Says Holy Crap Edition

I had some redemptions that were a year and a half old and decided to ask for replacements. They arrived yesterday:

And TV Squad asks whether Frasier was better than Cheers. Short answer, yes.


Motherscratcher said...

What redemptions are those replacements for?

And this is not a knock on Frasier. I liked Frasier. But it wasn't better than Cheers. I don't know how you could think such a ridiculous thing.

beardy said...

Holy crap!

Cheers and Frasier were both depressing.

Peterson said...

damn, must be the best redemption replacement I ever seen...
cheers was much less pretentious and therefor slightly more accessible for themasses.

Cheers: "Everybody knows your name"
Frasier: "...And you are?"

stusigpi said...

The Matt Ryan isn't on the Philly checklist that I found. I had a few auto letters and letters that weren't produced. Would have been pretty valuable and cool to have if they would have been made.

Frasier wasn't pretentious, that was the point. Making fun of being pretentious.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

They set me up to recently. Unredeemed Randall Cunningham auto #/30 from UD Heroes. Instead I got a UD Black Dual 3-color GU and on card auto of Mike Singletary. Check it out http://www.voiceofthecollector.com/2010/02/sometimes-failed-redemptions-end-up-for.html

Motherscratcher said...

Spot on about Frasier and the whole pretentious angle. Make no mistake, I really liked that show.

But it still wasn't as good as Cheers.