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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vintage Unopened Wax

Well at least it is unopened since it was resealed.

You never know when you will run across a vintage wax box for cheap. Some old timer digs out a box of 60's Topps and has no idea what its worth or some pipe dream like that, but its not a game that I would get into. Its funny, all those hits that companies make now do cost some cash to produce, thus boxes must be like lottery tickets to a degree. Back in the day, a Mantle cost the same to make as a Ron Swaboda, thus it made no difference to Topps how many they made of each.

As a collector we understand that what is in our box will most likely not fall for another couple of cases unless it is a Early Doucett framed parallel. That's my point, a box of 74 topps can only be so damn good. Same with those $1000 rack packs. THose things have got to be a huge let down once you have plunked down the cash.

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