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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4th generation Iphone - OT

See info here.

McFadden Finally comes through for redemptions

The one auto that I pulled from my nightmare Early Doucet III laced cases was a Darren McFadden redemption. I began to question whether McFadden would actually sign his cards so I asked for a replacement and got a Peyton Manning. Mind you I waited more than a year after the product's release.

Today while cruizing the bay I found this auction. Why is this important? Well its not..but the card is signed in red which is the only masterpieces auto that is done in red ink. Second, I saw very few of these redemption cards for sale. Third, I don't have a third. Fourth, this is the first and only one of these I have seen. No idea how long his SP Authentic RPA's have been out.

A useless 1/1 of a local guy

that I wouldn't pay $10 for.

When it comes to cards like these why are they even produced? Especially in a high end product. I would rather they just cut the price of the box $5. I know of no one that would miss the extra card.

Why Razor, Why?

Lets just cut his pic up and make it look like a 4th grade art project.

A Masterpieces Anomaly

The are all supposed to be Dark Blue /150. I noticed that some of these are the same frame as the /50 light blue versions, yet they are /150. Interesting.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 cases of exquisite football

I know that a lot of you read the Blowout forums but some of you don't. Here is a 5 case break.

Note the comments. What the hell are people expecting? I didn't think the break was that bad. The collation sucked but that Harvin rare materials is nice. Thoughts? Break that bad?

Two of the many reasons i will not buy 2009 Exquisite

The booklets show up in VG condition:

The autos on the patches look like absolute shit.

Monday, March 29, 2010

False advertising not at its finest.

Check out this auction.

In the auction the guy states:

I wrote to him:
These appear 1 per box and are not as rare as the brown /100. The browns are 5 per case, the blue /125 are about 7 per case. These are not even close to as rare as the greens /75.

Of course I know nothing of Masterpieces Baseball.

Houston, We have a sticker Problem

The base card:

Typical Donruss/Panini card


Here is my issue with the Smith. This is a beauty of a card, but the sticker...Come on Panini. Can't you do the major hits on card?

Hopefully Checkoutmycards has straightened out their 2007 Green Linen/Green Windsor problem

If they have, I am money on the Windsor's and 1 short on the Linens now.

857146 2007 UD Masterpieces Pinot Red #63 - Stephen Drew/75
982956 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #1 - Babe Ruth
1203620 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #27 - Daisuke Matsuzaka
1203628 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #42 - Tony Gwynn Cal Ripken Jr.
1627866 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #38 - Albert Pujols
1627870 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #24 - Jackie Robinson
1627927 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #37 - Miguel Cabrera
1627930 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #33 - Chase Utley
1682269 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #21 - Walter Johnson/99
1682313 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #73 - Justin Morneau/50
1682315 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #37 - Miguel Cabrera/50
1695827 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #85 - 1969 New York Mets/50
1744132 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #57 - Victor Martinez/99
1763319 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Red #75 - Tony Gwynn
1780262 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 150 #55 - Kevin Dyson/150
1798839 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 150 #9 - Bob Sanders/150
1836992 2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Jerseys Patch #CC23 - Early Doucet/50
1863729 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #5 - Carlton Fisk
1863744 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #11 - Bucky Dent
1863778 2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #32 - Vladimir Guerrero
1865087 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #49 - Albert Pujols
1874022 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #57 - Victor Martinez/50
1893517 2008 UD Masterpieces Captured Canvas Jerseys Patch #CC46 - Malcolm Kelly/50

Sunday, March 28, 2010

2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball Group Break

Found Here. Still good teams available. Its not my break, but these guys are A-Ok in my book.

Yeah, because outbidding someone by a $1

with 3 days to go really means you are going to win it.

Don't these people know they are just unnecessarily bidding this thing up?

Everytime I start to think collectors are smart, I see auctions like this and it blows my mind that someone would keep bidding over and over and over again. One bid, at the end, will do ya.

Anyway, I as of today have 136 2008 Masterpieces /50 Red Framed Patches in hand and added this, this and these to the stable.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Comments on my reviving Upper Deck Masterpieces Piece

Find the Post Here

Here are some comments:

AdamE said...
To combat the easily faked auto make it a base card with a different back. Also make all the autos boarderd versions.

IAMJC: Adam is exactly correct.

March 26, 2010 5:47 AM

Jeff said...
A 60$ MSRP on something with autographs seeded 1:2 boxes seems not very attractive. I agree dump the jersey cards, but I don't see a point in scratching a guaranteed auto. You have to remember as nice as a new Masterpieces might be, it will still be competing against the older versions still on the market. Why pay 60$ for a 50% shot at an auto, verses buying 2 boxes from a past year for the same price and getting 2 guaranteed autographs/gameused.

You seem to be taking the set towards a Heritage type setup for set building which is fine, you know I've busted a few cases doing the sets myself, but I wouldn't chase after it without a higher ratio of autographs. I like set building but the box still has to provide some value.

You could argue the point that a rarer seeding should provide for higher quality/value autographs, but while that sounds very logical is hasn't held true for other products.

IAMJC: I agree to a point, but if MSRP is $60, we would see these at $45 and that will fit very nicely in the current product mix. Also if they have to go to 1 patch or 1 auto per box, UD should be able to hit a price point. Especially with all the rookie autos, The 2 jerseys per box added a lot of cost, and I think Upper Deck might be willig to abandon them for this release. Philly and its reception might convince upper deck that jerseys aren't always needed.

I think there would be enough appeal to set collectors that they would break this product aat this price point.

March 26, 2010 5:54 AM

Peterson said...
comprehensive, optimistic and well-rounded. Let's have the same exact makeover for baseball.and I couldn't agree more about rookies in college unis...they have whole sets for that now...

IAMJC: Too bad they can't make a baseball version anymore.

March 26, 2010 6:29 AM

Motherscratcher said...
That sounds good to me. This sounds like a really fun set to build. No matter what you are trying to do, build the base set, auto set, or a parallel set, each box you got would contribute to your endeavor.

I do think that Jeff makes a good point about not guaranteeing an auto, though. No idea what to do about that.

Different backs on the autos to cut down on fakes seems like a good idea too.

They should get a hold of Beardy to convert photos to paintings. that dude is the Pujols of photoshop.

IAMJC: Beardy already offer his design services.

March 26, 2010 8:32 AM

ryanmemorabilia said...
I would collect!

March 26, 2010 8:44 AM

Gellman said...
Just some things I have to point out in terms of realism. First off, the NFLPA requires a percentage of the set to be rookies/rookie autos. Its why there are so many scrubs in every set. If you have to have a certain percentage of rookies featured in memorabilia cards - its too expensive to just have the good ones as they charge so much for sigs. That means you would usually have to make room for rookie autos.

I know you are doing a utopian product, but realistically, it cant happen as you described, unfortunately. Although I will say that I like that you are going to take the heroes approach to autos - that is the way to do it!!

IAMJC: I think with some tweaks this is a viable product. If the set was made up of enough rookies then there would be plenty of them to meet the NFLPA requirement. With Patches and autos being done like they were in 2008, it could be done. Is there a requirement to have the Rookie jerseys in the product?

March 26, 2010 9:35 AM

The Wax Wombat said...
While I like what you have for the most part (especially the insertion rates), I just can't see UD giving up on jersey cards or single color patches. I think that's just the way things are these days.

Am I the only one that liked the Strokes of Genius as they were, design-wise?

IAMJC: You are correct that that is the way things are done these days, but it didnt work with this product. That's the point of changing is to make it viable. The Strokes of genius cards were fine and they look good, but the question is whether it adds significant costs to do the product that way.

Masterpieces - The Next Generation

I love Masterpieces, I love the parallels, I love the autos, I love the patches, I love the base set, I love the SP's. What I and others didn't like was the bad baseball auto checklist and the MSRP. Everyone likes the product, but something tells me that sealed boxes and cases are going to be around for a while. My goal is to convince Upper Deck to bring back Masterpieces. The first step is to balance content and price. The problem is that I don't know how much the cards cost to print and the original art. So bear with me, comment with suggestions and a here we go. I know that some of the things below are not going to be correct or feasible, but some tweaking should take care of any of those issues.

Target MSRP: $5 a pack/5 cards per pack/12 packs per box/10 boxes per case - Make the cases a nice $600 MSRP.

The Base Set: 100 - 150 cards - Let's be honest, the base set is noice. No changes to how the base set was done. One way to cut costs is to use photos and use software to convert them to "paintings". No need to pay an artist, cutting major costs.

Variations: Alternate verions of the base set - 10 cards - 1 in 2 boxes. Here is the twist. The variation is the reverse angle of the regular card


Each card has a variation that is 1 per pack that shows the player in their college uni.

The SP's: 18 Cards - Time Warps/Painted Rookies/Veterans worked - Stick with it - 3 per box

The SSP's: 12 cards Some of the Time Warps/Painted Rookies/Veterans - 3 per case.

Parallels: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Although I am not a fan of the /1 /5 /10 /25. It would be nice to actually have a shot of completing the sets. Blacks not numbered but 5 per box, /50 /75 /100 /150 /200 are 3 per box. I would love to see a mustard version.

Can really add to the cost of the boxes but if budget allows 10 card set of famous paintings with a player inserted in the set. The scream with Favre or Brees as the person. Ocho Cinco as Mona Lisa? 1 per box. The Jets defensive guys as the dogs playing poker or the top 5 draft picks as dogs playing poker. The back would be a write up on the original art.

Pro Bowl insert Set. Select starters have a card and they are in their pro bowl uni.

Jerseys: Don't need them - These add a real cost to the price of a box and frankly they aren't needed. In 2008 it was a fun set to put together, but I would rather the boxes cost less. Save the single color jersey cards for all those SPX and Rookie Threads cards.

Patches: Do need them. No single color patch guarantee printed right on the box. Number them to 75. These are seeded in conjunction with the autos.

Autos: On Card - Every living player in the base set that will sign will have an auto. Here is the big change that will save a bunch of cash and cut the MSRP of the box/packs. Ok, as Gellman said, no more Strokes of Genius. Do them just like they did Heroes. The base card is the auto card, thus the autos are a parallel type set. Having said that, there needs to be a signing area just like 2008 Heroes. I loves me some of 08 Heroes autos. This saves cost of designing a separate set. Because the rookies would be pictured in their pro uniforms, there would be none of that college uni auto nonsense.

One issue is that without a completely separate auto design, fakes might be more rampant. People are faking them now by putting 1/1 on the card and then saying they were specially made by Upper Deck.

One addition to the autos is that 1 of the autos in every other case will be a multi auto card. It will be a painted scene with more than one player. For example, Strahan sacking Favre. How cool of a dual auto would that be?

Patch Auto: 1 per case - Just like baseball - Pretty self explanatory. Numbered to 25

Auto, Patch, Patch/Auto Seeding: This is a big change. The auto/patch hits will be seeded 1:2 boxes.

Box Loaders: These are 3 per case 5 X 7 in size, the entire set would be featured and 1 of the 3 in each case would either be autod or a parallel numbered to 50, 75, 100 or whatever. There would be dual and triple autos available as well 1 in 4 cases based upon the greatest insert set ever.

Case Structure:
10 boxes per case.
5 autos, patches, or patch autos per case
3 SSP's
3 box loaders (1 auto)

To prevent box searching for box loaders, each box will have a cardboard insert.

Retail Version: 4 cards per pack $3.00 - $3.50 a pack, no autos or patches, but do have parallels at the same rate as hobby.

Blasters: $14.99 - 5 packs - parallels at same rate as hobby, no patches or autos, but box loaders 1:3 blaster boxes with Blaster exclusives.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remaking Masterpieces

As some of you know, I had a conference call with Upper Deck today. It was kind of weird in a good way. My 13 year old self could not have imagined such an event. Don't get me wrong, it's not a huge deal but the self-cool factor is high. They asked me about certain things, I complained about SPX, they explained certain things, so on and so forth.

I've decided that I am going to put a product plan together for a new version of masterpieces. Why you ask? Becuase I love it so. Anyway, apparently Masterpieces was a difficult product for Upper Deck. I don't want to say what they told me, but as far as sales, it wasn't good.

Tomorrow, I will post a top to bottom plan to resurrect it and make it profitable for the Diamond boys and girls in Carlsbad. Email me at jldoveror@yahoo.com with things you want to see, price point, content, etc.

2008 Masterpieces Football Group Case Break Box 3

Box 3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obviously these people have no idea how to bid.

What's wrong with this picture...er bidding?

Masterpieces Case Break

Cards have been mailed. I'll be, hopefully doing a baseball and a football masterpieces group break in May or June. I keep getting comments and emails that people are interested, guess I will find out.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Masterpieces Case is Busted

Not a damn red auto to be found. Son of a Bitch. No Bush Patch either

Tiger Woods Text Messages

Tiger Woods Text Messages.

The site is struggling. Anyway, here is my view of this stuff generally. Some of it is weird, some of it is odd, some of it is cool I guess but to each his own. What's the problem other than he is/was married? The funny thing is that I would rather hang with Tiger than the plain vanilla people that would rather do it fully clothed, lights off with no talking. That man knows how to live life, but a little advice, you have to stick with high class call girls in Nevada where its legal. That's where Spitzer screwed up.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monthly Group Break Team assignments

Here is the list:

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck
2. Oakland Athletics - Open
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - BA Benny
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Clint
6. Texas Rangers - Plat At the Plate
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy
9. San Francisco Giants - Open
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Nico
11. Cleveland Indians – Alex
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant
15. New York Mets – D Rauer
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Carl Crawford Cards
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul
21. Chicago Cubs - Alex
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - Motherscratcher
24. Minnesota Twins - Gcrl
25. New York Yankees - HEB
26. Colorado Rockies - open
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex
28. Boston Red Sox - Adam E
29. San Diego Padres - Padrographs
30. Houston Astros - Open

Those of you that have multiple teams need to pick one, some of you have. Grant needs to choose between his 3. Im assuming its going to be the mariners. Alex need to pick as well, although I think he is a Reds guy.Ok, then there are some of you that are down for the rotating months. Please comment on this post to let me know who is going to do that:

Here is a partial list of interest.
Orioles: DGreene/Beardy
Tigers: Larry is interested/Roof God has them. Roof god has already paid for May.
Phillies: Have multiple interested Parties
Mets: BA Benny has interest

Can't make the shoe in Portland

No jantzen beach card show for me. I have to work. Someone please comment about what they saw.

Friday, March 12, 2010

2009 T-206 or 2009 Allen and Ginter

Which one do you like better?--> Vote now -->>

and comment why.

The First of the New Monthly Box Beaks

The deadline will be April 15, The break will occur May 1st ish and the products will be:
1 box 2009 Ultimate baseball
2 boxes 2007 Exquisite Baseball
1 2010 Jumbo Topps Box

How pissed are these people?

The completed auctions.

Sort by highest priced then lowest. Awesome.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monthly Group Break Reincarnated

I was going to wait until next week, but here you go.

Here is how the breaks are going to change:

First, There will be 1 baseball Monthly Break.
Each participant will be able to pick their team.
Each person that participated in the original Group Break gets first dibs on any 1 team they would like.
I will then open it up and you can get multiple teams after a couple days of them being open.
The budget will be increased to $540
The high end boxes will be video
The low end boxes will not be done on video.
The tiered pricing Structure will still be in effect.
Feel free to rotate persons i.e. Beardy and Dgreene on the Orioles.
The cost will be static, I will adjust the product to meet the prices at the time I order.
Payment will be due the 15th before the break. For example, if the break is scheduled for May 1st. Payment is due April 15th. No exceptions. None. Zero. Hate to be such a hard ass about this but, its the way its got to be.

Expect the following high end: Exquisite, Ultimate, Prime Cuts, Tribute, Pristine, Premier.

The low end will be a variety of newer boxes.

Comments? or Questions? 438 24%

(6)Any team newer than 1980 including the Nationals are in Tier 3 $13.75

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $16.75

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $20.50


Second team or break discount: 1.00
Third team or break: 1.50
Fourth Break and thereafter discount 2.00

American League
East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Boston Red Sox 1901
New York Yankees 1901
Tampa Bay Rays 1998
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Chicago White Sox 1901
Cleveland Indians 1901
Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
Kansas City Royals 1969
Minnesota Twins 1901
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
Oakland Athletics 1901
Seattle Mariners 1977
Texas Rangers 1961

National League
Atlanta Braves 1871
Florida Marlins 1993
New York Mets 1962
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
Washington Nationals 1969 - Will be Considered Tier 3
Chicago Cubs 1870
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
Houston Astros 1962
Milwaukee Brewers 1969
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
San Diego Padres 1969
San Francisco Giants 1883

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck
2. Oakland Athletics - Drauer
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - BA Benny
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Clint
6. Texas Rangers - Grant
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy
9. San Francisco Giants - popstartled
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Nico
11. Cleveland Indians – Alex
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant
15. New York Mets – D Rauer
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Grant
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul
21. Chicago Cubs - Alex
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - Motherscratcher
24. Minnesota Twins - Gcrl
25. New York Yankees - HEB
26. Colorado Rockies - open
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird
29. San Diego Padres - Padrographs
30. Houston Astros - darkship

Monthly Group Breaks are Canceled

Refunds will be issued no later than Monday March 15,2010. Paypal is having some issues right now. I have about 1/4 of the refunds done. I have 1 more hockey and

The Masterpieces Football Group Break is still on. Case will be ordered no later than March 22nd.

The Rareness of His Airness

So Duane from Democratic Roadkill and I were discussing the merits of any potentially rare 1980's sets. I suggested 1986 Hockey and earlier. The discussion turned to 1986 Fleer Basketball. I have mentioned my brush with a caseof the stuff a couple of times on my site.

The funny thing is that in all the time that Ebay has been around there is usually not more than a box or two available at any given time. Many times they dont sell at $15k a pop. People are scared to death of the boxes because they are so easily searched. Pack placement, card placement, sticker distribution, etc. I am not one of these people that could tell you for sure if a box has been searched but based upon my reading I could tell you with a high level of certainty.

Essentially the way its done is you open the box, and not where each pack is taken from. Note the front card of the pack and the sticker. Fleer always packed their cards in the same collated order. Thus it was easy to tell what cards are in what pack by the card on the front. If you end up with less than 3 potential (almost certain) Jordan packs, the box is most certainly tampered with. There should also be 3-4 Jordan sticker packs.

Basically when you buy a box of this stuff, you are betting that there is at least 2 BGS 9+ Jordans in the Box and hopefully a 9.5 or god forbid a 10.

The issue here is, that currently their are 120 or so jordan rookies on ebay some of those might be reprints and 200 have ended in the past 15 days.

Make no mistake, the Jordan card isn't rare, but it has held its value quite well. Its not an investment card as Jordan is only hurting his legacy at this point and his popularity will wane.

The question I have is: Where's the Wax? I know that a lot of product was opened but I also know that a lot of cards were printed. With the very few boxes that are available where are they? I mean you can get a box of pretty much anything at anytime, but not these boxes. These boxes have also cost a fortune for a long ass time so its not like someone snuck in a picked up case after case of this stuff back in 95 for $500.

There are three possibilities:

1. Some Mofo(s) is/are hoarding the stuff
2. People are breaking it to get the high grade Jordans
3. Its all been busted

I think its a mix of 1 and 2 with all of the graded jordans that are out there, there are a ton of boxes that have been busted. But remember a lot of these cards are nrmt or better and they were 3-4 a box. The reason why I think a ton of this stuff is being hoarded is because this was the "Premier Set" and people always put away the first year, issue number 1 etc. Plus this stuff was cheap to put 5 cases away upon release $180 a case at retail. Again with few boxes of this stuff selling on ebay, just seems that a lot is unaccounted for.

With that 27 1/2 cases of 1975 Topps Minis that one dude had. He actually had more than that, he had busted a ton of the boxes he had and those were only available in a few areas. It would not surprise me if there were people that have 20-50 cases of 86-87 Fleer Basketball just waiting. Not wanting to flood the market, they let it out a little ata time, and might be busting it a card at a time.

I have seen 100+ graded sets for sale on ebay PSA 7 and above. Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Group Breaks

Two people still need to pay, maybe 3 I don't know if Dgreene paid this month. Captain and King Felix. They were waiting for the Hockey Break to fill up before paying. I will refund the rest of the hockey break people that paid tomorrow.

Hockey Group Break 4 boxes 2009/10 Trilogy - Canceled

Just a few people short. Refunds will be forthcoming.

Two-three people still need to pay for the monthly Baseball break.

The Greatest Football Insert Set Ever

I was stuck in traffic this morning and then it hit me. The greatest football insert set ever.

The Title: Instant Classic

The Summary: A ten card insert set done in Masterpieces Format in regular card size and box loader size 5x7 or 8x10 from those instant classic playoff or superbowl games. As much as it pains me. The Cards v. Steelers. 10 cards featuring highlights. 5 from each team. With autographed versions. Here is the kicker. The 8x10 size loader would have versions auto'd by everyone in the picture. Could you imagine this image auto'd by all four players?


Awesome photo of PB

Zoom out just a bit on this one.

Probably my Favorite - Big Pocket and Faulk too.

Could you imagine this Masterpieces like Dual auto? Yes I know it was regular season, but a classic matchup indeed.

Are you kidding me? Masterpieces canvas, on card auto.

Other games would include Pats v. Giants, Cards v. Packers from 2009 playoffs. Rams v. Pats. Broncos v. Browns "The Drive" Game. This would be a monumental task for UD or Panini. NO STICKERS ALLOWED! I guarantee some of the cards would go for $500 plus. A dual auto Roethlisberger/Warner, Warner/Rodgers, Brady/Eli, Warner/Fitz for the TD to take the lead with 230 left? Warner/Roethlisberger/Fitz/Holmes Quad auto. I would pay $1000.

Contest Time - Brought to you by me!

Simple to enter. Just comment with your favorite product of 2007. Dollar amount doesn't matter. Sport don't matter neither.

The Prize: A complete Base Set of 2008 Masterpieces Baseball 1-90

No purchase necessary. Open to US and Canadia residents. Winner picked at random. I pay the shipping. Winner has option of complete set or me completing theirs. Contest closes 3/10/10 12 noon PST.

Monday, March 8, 2010

2009/10 Panini Court Kings

Nice Card, but the sticker ruins it

The kobe is sweet

Ruined by sticker

A sticker? Ugh, it looks like a sticker version of the Exquisite Rookies 2009/10

The jersey cards below look like 2008/08 Fleer Ultra Jersey Cards but nice none the less.

Is Upper Deck wanting to go another round and a Panini product I am looking forward to

Like Carol Channing against Mike Tyson?

I noticed after perusing the release calendar that the following is on it:

05/18/2010 2010 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball Box

Guess we will find out. I thought they cleared out the attic with 09/10 Exquisite. Upper Deck pushed that out the door in 3 weeks. The awesome part was the redemptions where they scratched out the number of cards i.e 50 and then hand wrote 28. Usually some random number.

Now the product I am looking forward to.
04/21/2010 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball
If Panini would want to send me a box to review, I wouldn't say no. Im just an email away jldoveror@yahoo.com <---Shameless request.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Release Calendar

I got this from Blowout's Page

03/10/2010 2009/10 Panini Studio Basketball
03/10/2010 2010 Sage Hit Low Series Football Hobby Box
03/16/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck Champs Hockey Hobby Box
03/16/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck Ice Hockey
03/17/2010 2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 1 Baseball
03/24/2010 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football Hobby Box
03/24/2010 2010 Topps Finest Baseball
03/25/2010 2009/10 In The Game (ITG) Between the Pipes Hockey
03/26/2010 2010 Tristar "In the Pursuit of the Majors" Baseball
03/30/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey
03/31/2010 2009/10 Panini Classics Basketball Hobby Box
03/31/2010 2010 Press Pass Football Hobby
03/31/2010 2010 Sage Hit High Series Football
04/01/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
04/06/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck Greats of the Game Basketball
04/13/2010 2009/10 O-Pee-Chee OPC Metal Hockey
04/13/2010 2010 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football
04/21/2010 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball
04/27/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey
04/29/2010 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball
05/11/2010 2009/10 Upper Deck Be A Player Signature BAP
05/11/2010 2010 Upper Deck Legacy Collection Football
05/12/2010 2010 Bowman Baseball Hobby
05/18/2010 2010 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball Box
05/25/2010 2009/10 O-Pee-Chee OPC Premier Hockey Hobby
05/27/2010 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball
06/15/2010 2010/11 Upper Deck Draft Edition Basketball
06/25/2010 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby
06/29/2010 2010 Upper Deck NCAA Sweet Spot Football

Prices of Packs are out of Whack

As many of you know, 2009 Ultimate baseball is Hot Hot Hot and is worth $140 if you listen to DA Cardworld, $130 at Big T, $120 at Orange County, and $130 at PGH. Sure, there are some great hit in this product, but it is a one and done scenario. Ive busted a few boxes and so has Gellman at SCU and the results were less than awe inspiring. Lest we not forget that this is an $80. Football is still hovering around this price.

Why do I say the prices are out of whack? Take a look at the Ebay completed auctions. You will see 5 boxes went for $425 and many boxes are going from $70 to $90 with some desperate sill people hitting BIN's for $109 and above if those are legitimate BIN's. BTW Upper deck made a shit ton of this stuff. How do I know? Its in the math. There are 100 cards in the set numbered to 599, thus 59,900 cards. 5,900 of those are held back for replacement (im overestimating the number held back) thus 54,000 card with 3 per pack = 18000 boxes and thus 1200 (15) box cases. That's a lot of boxes and there are probably more than that because I am overestimating the number of cards being held back for replacement. Thats a lot of damn boxes for the prices to be this high.

Thus sheer greed my blog reading friends.

2010 Topps jumbo Baseball are no better. Prices will come down as soon as people get tired of getting 87 topps Bud Blacks in the Topps giveaway.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Object of My Affection

Oh Randy, why don't you have a Patch/auto?

Northwest Card Show Schedule



Mar 6 Factoria Mall Bellevue, WA
Noon- 2 PM Free Autograph - Seahawk Brandon Mebane

Mar 13 Jantzen Beach Portland, OR
Mar 27 Meridian Park School Shoreline, WA

Apr 10 Jantzen Beach Portland, OR
Apr 17 Auburn Super Mall Auburn, WA
Apr 24 Meridian Park School Shoreline, WA
Apr 25 Meridian Park School Shoreline, WA
(this show is the Comic Book Show)

May 8 Factoria Mall Bellevue, WA
(Autograph Guest to be announced)

May 15 Jantzen Beach Portland, OR
May 22 Meridian Park School Shoreline, WA

June 12 Jantzen Beach Portland, OR
June 19 Meridian Park School Shoreline, WA

Instructions on Packsearching

Are these guys serious? Single color jersey cards that aren't worth the pack. Plus you can be just like this guy.

Lest we not forget what those hot packs net you.