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Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Heritage Redux

Grand Cards makes a couple good points:

"Gotta say, the stamp inserts, although technically manufactured junk, are pretty nice looking."

I like the stamp inserts, they fit well with the motif of the set.

Different Strokes, I guess. While not substantively different from 2009 Heritage--the relics are still weak, as always--I think that 2010 does a nice job. Good execution on card design, a much stronger set of autographs (on card Hall of Famers) and few/no gimmicky/lame Super SP cards (unless there are some I'm not aware of).

No argument here, the card design is nice, the autograph checklist is stronger, and the Super SP's are irrellevant to me to the nth degree.

Here is the problem, its still the cost of the box and the autographs are really few and really far between. Someone posted on twitter yesterday that a case was busted and the person netted 1 auto. Ouch!

At $30-$45 a box like OPC and Philadelphia, Heritage is a decent buy for the set collector. I could even see myself building the set. However much like Goudey it takes a bunch of boxes to get a set. That's what sucks is the relics aren't necessary and Topps does nothing but add to the cost of the box because of lame hits. When you consider that Philly and masterpieces had on card autos (albeit weak checklist) and 1 jersey (good checklist) and patches, Patch/autos and Jersey/autos (good checklist), Heritage just doesn't stack up for the cost. Topps could take a lot of cost out of the boxes and not affect value.

First, the box toppers are not needed in every box and really not at all. Not sure how much the toppers cost. Buybacks? VG condition commons with a gold stamp on them, no thanks. The buybacks add a substantial amount. Buying the cards, stamping them packing them out has got to be .50 to $2 actual cost to Topps? Third, with all the SP's, inserts, chrome etc. Refractors and Black refractors would probably not be missed. The number of jersey cards inserted could be cut in half even a quarter of what is currently inserted.

As a commenter posted:
It's not like the relics are going to help make up for the high cost. I just bought 9 on eBay for .99 a piece with .25 cent combined shipping. This poor guy got a total of $13 for 9 boxes worth of hits. At the height of value right after the release.

One thing though, I think the jersey set would be very cool to put together, but then again, you have to do it by buying lots instead of boxes.

So when does 08 09 Ginter and Heritage become $20 junk wax?


Grand Cards said...

That's an excellent point. Heritage seems to put the normal "hits" paradigm on its head. The regular relics are essentially worthless and the autographs, while nice, are few and far between. The only cards that have substantive value in the secondary market are the chromes + refractors, and the SPs. That, and the rarer, nicer relics and autos.

Could Heritage be a strong enough brand for them to sharply reduce the included relics (from 1 per box to every 3 or so, a la 2009 OPC?) I think it might be, especially if they can cut the price of a box by $10 or so in the process.

Also, full credit to Beardy for the comment on the stamps--I just repeated it.

AdamE said...

Because so many set collectors love it I think that Heritage is the lone brand that could go without inserts and still sell. The SPs are really the hits in Heritage.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Heritage would benefit greatly if the hits were more like OPC. Set collectors buy this product. If someone is buying it for hits, they deserve to be disappointed.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Give it a decade, then it'll be junk wax.

Don't know how many times I've seen a box of early '90s (insert overproduced crap here) in a shop or online in the original plastic with the original sticker on it. A few months ago some friends and I broke a box of '94 Donruss with a $79.99 tag on it---think I got it for $5.