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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 cases of exquisite football

I know that a lot of you read the Blowout forums but some of you don't. Here is a 5 case break.

Note the comments. What the hell are people expecting? I didn't think the break was that bad. The collation sucked but that Harvin rare materials is nice. Thoughts? Break that bad?


Voluntarheel said...

Eh. It wasn't the greatest, but definitely not horrible.

It seems in a bad economy year, people are more than ever expecting a Sanchez or Stafford with their money.

Seems to be a lot riding on each break these days.

stusigpi said...

I would agree with that. Shield or bust I suppose.

cynicalbuddha said...

YAWN, I've watched a bunch of breaks on youtube too and to be honest there is no way I'd drop 500 bucks on a box of this stuff.

TheIronLung said...

Great blog!

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Peterson said...

the rookies this year are shyte. I have heard all of their names and still haven't heard of them. and there was no cut or otherwise "historically significant" auto.
you know a fan favorite like...well not quite steve largeant. I love you steve, but you are no jerry rice, Jim Brown, red grange or even Brett Favre.
feel free to make a case for brees, I will ignore.

stusigpi said...

These sets equal huge profit for Upper Deck, but to Upper Deck's credit, everything is on card and that is a monumental task.

Not every year is going to be a winner, but Exquisite is certainly the highest quality set of the year.

I would not pay $500 for a box of this either, but enough people do. I would be stoked if these cards were inserts like the 2010 baseball were going to be, but that equals less profit on what would otherwise be a succesful stand alone product.

The other complaint I have heard is that it comes out too late. I am going to give UD a break on that because of how long this set takes to produce. What I won't give them a break on is the condition of the cards. The useless shit that was UD Black, which could have been part of the exquisite set as an awesome parallel. Ultimate is bullshit as well.