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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Greatest Football Insert Set Ever

I was stuck in traffic this morning and then it hit me. The greatest football insert set ever.

The Title: Instant Classic

The Summary: A ten card insert set done in Masterpieces Format in regular card size and box loader size 5x7 or 8x10 from those instant classic playoff or superbowl games. As much as it pains me. The Cards v. Steelers. 10 cards featuring highlights. 5 from each team. With autographed versions. Here is the kicker. The 8x10 size loader would have versions auto'd by everyone in the picture. Could you imagine this image auto'd by all four players?


Awesome photo of PB

Zoom out just a bit on this one.

Probably my Favorite - Big Pocket and Faulk too.

Could you imagine this Masterpieces like Dual auto? Yes I know it was regular season, but a classic matchup indeed.

Are you kidding me? Masterpieces canvas, on card auto.

Other games would include Pats v. Giants, Cards v. Packers from 2009 playoffs. Rams v. Pats. Broncos v. Browns "The Drive" Game. This would be a monumental task for UD or Panini. NO STICKERS ALLOWED! I guarantee some of the cards would go for $500 plus. A dual auto Roethlisberger/Warner, Warner/Rodgers, Brady/Eli, Warner/Fitz for the TD to take the lead with 230 left? Warner/Roethlisberger/Fitz/Holmes Quad auto. I would pay $1000.


Captain Canuck said...

I like the way you think my friend... but it ain't never gonna happen.

Makes too much sense. Collectors would like it too much.

NMCLax24 said...

Epic revelation you've got there. Please tell me you also contemplated how that same format for the Giants v. Patriots superbowl would be even more epic.

grant said...

"The Catch" cowboys lose to 49's Im still upset about that an I was just a kid! lost $3 bet a lot of money to me back then! Would be a sweet auto card and PIC! Awesome Idea too bad the card companies would never pay for it. Topps could f they took out the 100 useless pieces of cardboard in series 1 Topp attax, Topps town 4 different Versions of the cards my mom wrote my name on ( She did ) I could go on and on! Grant

Alex said...

They do sound good. I also think some multi-autographed versions of the time-warp cards found in Masterpieces would be good too, though obviously they could only be the ones with both players alive.

grant said...

good call Alex that would be one hell of a an auto set! People really seem to underrate masterpiece! I have some here I'm sure people would love to have. Of course I sent my 1st Stroke of genius Auto to Tribe cards " Cliff Lee" and he ends up in Seattle!!! ( course after the package ( last giveaway) he just sent me we are more then even what a generous man!) what are the odds! I still have a bunch of parallel and Time warps I think I sent some to Jeff as well... grant