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Monday, March 29, 2010

Houston, We have a sticker Problem

The base card:

Typical Donruss/Panini card


Here is my issue with the Smith. This is a beauty of a card, but the sticker...Come on Panini. Can't you do the major hits on card?


Anonymous said...

Stickers are a crime against all that's holy.

John said...

Thats not a sticker that is scotch tape

Alex said...

I've never understood the fuss over sticker autos. Are on card autos better? Sure. Are sticker autos really that bad? No.

I think we've become a little spoilt these days. I buy an autographed card because it has an autograph of a player on it - sometimes it is directly on the card, sometimes it is on a sticker on the card. In the grand scheme of things there is little difference between the two. If you think there is, don't purchase sticker cards, and if enough people feel the same, maybe the card company will do something about it.

I also have to say that given the "ethics" of the card company that produces the most on card autos, I sometimes have to wonder about them. It's not as if Upper Douche hasn't faked things before.

stusigpi said...

My problem is that the smith is such a nice card and frankly the sticker makes the card look like shit.

These are supposed to be product hits i.e. the best hits of the product, yet its a cheap shit cop out fuck up by panini because they are more concerned with a small bit of profit then the are about a quality product. I can't what to laugh my ass off when the stickers start falling off the cards.

Alex said...

You think it looks like shit, I think it looks fine. We obviously have a different opinion on it.

Perhaps Panini can start sacking staff in great numbers, then with the money they save they can produce on card autographs the Upper Douche way. If there is one company who shows they only care about profit, it's Upper Douche. Perhaps Panini can conterfiet cards, not pay licensing fees and sell repreinted cases of cards out the back door and then maybe they will be making enough money to do on card autographs. So criticism about "greed" for profit shouldn't be limited to Panini.

Besides, on card autos do not make a set a "quality product". Upper Deck Black and Ultimate both had on card autos and they were 2 of the worst value products, if not THE 2 worst value products produced this year. And while Ultimate did have some nice cards in it, 95% of Black looked terrible.

While it may be simplisitic to say that Panini does it purely for profit, it could be that they use the money they save (if they indeed do save money) for other things. One thing for example is more veteran content. Panini classics, elite and limited all have more veteran and HOF autos in them than similar Upper Deck products. Maybe that is why the Smith is in there - because sticker autos make it financially feasible to do so. I don't know.

In terms of the sticker falling off, that may be possible. But I have also seen a number of on card autographs from the early to mid nineties where the autograph has begun to fade and in some cases faded badly, so on card autos aren't without their problems too.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on things. While I do prefer on card autos, I don't have a problem with sticker autos.

stusigpi said...

Frankly all of the upper deck high end products are quality products, Black was just a shitty value, so is ultimate for that matter.

I realize you hate UD with a passion and they have done some crappy things, but panini and UD are miles apart in quality. In fact, I can't thing of any panini product that is better than any UD product. National Treasures?

Alex said...

Again, it seems we have different tastes. I really though Black was horrible. Philadelphia was Okay, ultimate had some decent cards in it, and Exquisite seems to be good. Other than that Upper Deck this year has done absolutely nothing for me. I did like Masterpieces and Premier in years gone by, but those are now gone.

As for Panini, I really liked National Treasures, Certified and Limited, and I thought Classics and Absolute were good too. As I've said, I have no real problem with Sticker autos though. On the negative, rookies and stars was terrible, and contenders wasn't that much better.

And yes, I hate Upper Deck. I hate any company that lays off hundreds of employees while paying executives excessive salaries. While I may make my living for the most part dealing with people who have lost their job, I would really prefer if that were not the case because people weren't being made redundant or unfairly/unlawfully sacked.

Gellman said...

Uh-oh Alex, another blogger that supports "Upper Douche's" quality products. Better start a letter writing campaign.

"I hate any company that lays off hundreds of employees while paying executives excessive salaries."

You must live in self imposed poverty with no material possessions, no cars, no computers, and no phones. Im sure you are glad there are no blogs you read on these things, you would be up all night posting comments.

Alex said...

Why thank you Gellman for responding.

As hard as it is to believe, some people care about others, and not just themselves. And, as difficult as it can be some times, I do try to live my life by purchasing products with certain ethical standards. Is it easy? No. Am I always successful? No. But at do my best. And hopefully enough people will do like wise that it will have an impact. I gave up a better paying career to work as a labor lawyer helping people who have been treated unfairly at work. What do you do you greedy prick? I don't take the easy option. Unlike you, having surgery so you can lose weight, instead of getting off your fat ass and exericsing and eating right.

As for Jeff liking Upper Deck, there is a big difference. You see, you used to bitch and moan and criticise Upper Deck all the time, for example over them giving loaded boxes to Beckett. Then Upper Deck started giving you media releases, information and asked you to write for their blog, and now they can do nothing wrong in your eyes. In other words you have been bought out by them, their appealing to your ego, which is as large as your stomach, which is saying a hell of a lot. Jeff's opinions haven't changed because of anything Upper Deck hasd given to him or offered to him. That is the big difference. That is why I rightly criticise you for being a hypocrite who has been bought by the fucktards at Upper Douche, while I don't say the same to Jeff.

As for commenting on other blogs. I do this too, like on your blog and other card blogs, when I need a break from work. I don't do this at night, or for the most part on weekends, because I have a life, something you lack. I get out, exercise, do things in the community and spend time with family and REAL LIFE friends. Again, you should try it some time, instead of spending all your time sitting on your fat ass in front of the computer attempting to gather praise from fundamentalist fruitcakes like voluntarheel. As I said earlier, get off your ass, exercise and eat right you Chris Olds clone.

Gellman said...

Alex, that was pure awesome. Congrats.

You know, Im just glad that I can have surgery to lose weight, because that means my appearance will change. You are stuck with yourself and that terrible personality for the rest of your life. Have fun dude.

Alex said...

Even with that "terrible personality" I still have more REAL LIFE friends than you ever will. What does that say about your personality? I spend half an hour or so looking at cards websites on weekdays. You spend hours, 7 days a week because you have no real friends. Yeah, You're Mr Personality, aren't you? You're stuck with online sycophant fundie fruitcakes like voluntarheel, and more and more of these people are turning against you by the day. There is a reason why your sycophants kiss your ass - it's because your head is up there.

As for your surgery, anyone who is that lazy that they let themselves get that fat in the first place will undoubtedly slide back there - surgery or not.