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Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Upper Deck wanting to go another round and a Panini product I am looking forward to

Like Carol Channing against Mike Tyson?

I noticed after perusing the release calendar that the following is on it:

05/18/2010 2010 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball Box

Guess we will find out. I thought they cleared out the attic with 09/10 Exquisite. Upper Deck pushed that out the door in 3 weeks. The awesome part was the redemptions where they scratched out the number of cards i.e 50 and then hand wrote 28. Usually some random number.

Now the product I am looking forward to.
04/21/2010 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball
If Panini would want to send me a box to review, I wouldn't say no. Im just an email away jldoveror@yahoo.com <---Shameless request.


Offy said...

I think this is something along the lines of the collegiate set that they are doing. They've got enough elite hoops spokesmen and stickers laying around that they can just slap on pictures of NBA stars in college uniforms. It might end up being a hot product if it ends up being a loaded dump like baseball was.

Anonymous said...

I foresee many, many autos and not much game-used, unless UD has been buying up the college stuffs.