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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

McFadden Finally comes through for redemptions

The one auto that I pulled from my nightmare Early Doucet III laced cases was a Darren McFadden redemption. I began to question whether McFadden would actually sign his cards so I asked for a replacement and got a Peyton Manning. Mind you I waited more than a year after the product's release.

Today while cruizing the bay I found this auction. Why is this important? Well its not..but the card is signed in red which is the only masterpieces auto that is done in red ink. Second, I saw very few of these redemption cards for sale. Third, I don't have a third. Fourth, this is the first and only one of these I have seen. No idea how long his SP Authentic RPA's have been out.

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Voluntarheel said...

His SPA RPA's were not redemptions. They were live upon release last year.

Nice work getting the Manning instead. This card is worth a Brian Griese these days.