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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monthly Group Breaks are Canceled

Refunds will be issued no later than Monday March 15,2010. Paypal is having some issues right now. I have about 1/4 of the refunds done. I have 1 more hockey and

The Masterpieces Football Group Break is still on. Case will be ordered no later than March 22nd.


beardy said...

Not enough people paid this time around?

If you are ever down for organizing another one, be it monthly, or even occasionally, count me in.

stusigpi said...

Cost of Product

Lateness of payments


Ill let everyone know if I decide to open them up again. Expect July.

Motherscratcher said...

Dude, I appreciate you keeping it going for as long as you did. Personally, I don't know how you did it. I can't imagine how much time you had to put in on these.

The fact that you got any complaints at all makes me have to shake my head. I don't really know what people expect, I guess.

It kind of sucks because the breaks were great and you did them very well. But I totally get it.

Rod said...

Thanks for doing them while you did. It was a great way to get some Padres. Any one who complained should be severely reprimanded See ya Saturday?

stusigpi said...

Thanks man.

The breaks will be back, but in a much different form.

I'll announce it next week.

stusigpi said...

I will see you Saturday.

Tunguska said...

Sorry to hear things didn't work out. Count me in for future breaks for sure.

Dan said...

It's too bad. You ran a very efficient and enjoyable set of breaks. I was really looking forward to this month's too because of the products you chose. Guess I'll have to actually buy more than one pack of 2010 Topps.

RoofGod said...

Thats a shame. I really enjoyed the breaks. They were an easy easy way to get a team set (usually) for a product. I'll be back for your new incarnation of the breaks. Thanks for all your time organizing them.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Just to chime in with everyone else, thanks for all your effort. Looking forward to the reincarnation!

the sewingmachineguy said...

Bummer. If RoofGod ever falls off a peak, pencil me in for the Tigers.