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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prices of Packs are out of Whack

As many of you know, 2009 Ultimate baseball is Hot Hot Hot and is worth $140 if you listen to DA Cardworld, $130 at Big T, $120 at Orange County, and $130 at PGH. Sure, there are some great hit in this product, but it is a one and done scenario. Ive busted a few boxes and so has Gellman at SCU and the results were less than awe inspiring. Lest we not forget that this is an $80. Football is still hovering around this price.

Why do I say the prices are out of whack? Take a look at the Ebay completed auctions. You will see 5 boxes went for $425 and many boxes are going from $70 to $90 with some desperate sill people hitting BIN's for $109 and above if those are legitimate BIN's. BTW Upper deck made a shit ton of this stuff. How do I know? Its in the math. There are 100 cards in the set numbered to 599, thus 59,900 cards. 5,900 of those are held back for replacement (im overestimating the number held back) thus 54,000 card with 3 per pack = 18000 boxes and thus 1200 (15) box cases. That's a lot of boxes and there are probably more than that because I am overestimating the number of cards being held back for replacement. Thats a lot of damn boxes for the prices to be this high.

Thus sheer greed my blog reading friends.

2010 Topps jumbo Baseball are no better. Prices will come down as soon as people get tired of getting 87 topps Bud Blacks in the Topps giveaway.

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Offy said...

I think it's also the hat relic cards that are driving up the prices of Topps Jumbos. For example, the Ruth Yankees card that I pulled out of my box is still going for $40 - $50 a lot of the major stars are going for around $20 - $25. That's a decent chunk of your box price back right there. When's the last time you saw manufactured, non-autographed patches be that popular and command those prices? The 10 guaranteed Million Cards Giveaway cards are nice, but you're going to get 6 in a regular hobby box. I don't know if 4 more of those in a jumbo box is enough to justify the price increase.