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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Rareness of His Airness

So Duane from Democratic Roadkill and I were discussing the merits of any potentially rare 1980's sets. I suggested 1986 Hockey and earlier. The discussion turned to 1986 Fleer Basketball. I have mentioned my brush with a caseof the stuff a couple of times on my site.

The funny thing is that in all the time that Ebay has been around there is usually not more than a box or two available at any given time. Many times they dont sell at $15k a pop. People are scared to death of the boxes because they are so easily searched. Pack placement, card placement, sticker distribution, etc. I am not one of these people that could tell you for sure if a box has been searched but based upon my reading I could tell you with a high level of certainty.

Essentially the way its done is you open the box, and not where each pack is taken from. Note the front card of the pack and the sticker. Fleer always packed their cards in the same collated order. Thus it was easy to tell what cards are in what pack by the card on the front. If you end up with less than 3 potential (almost certain) Jordan packs, the box is most certainly tampered with. There should also be 3-4 Jordan sticker packs.

Basically when you buy a box of this stuff, you are betting that there is at least 2 BGS 9+ Jordans in the Box and hopefully a 9.5 or god forbid a 10.

The issue here is, that currently their are 120 or so jordan rookies on ebay some of those might be reprints and 200 have ended in the past 15 days.

Make no mistake, the Jordan card isn't rare, but it has held its value quite well. Its not an investment card as Jordan is only hurting his legacy at this point and his popularity will wane.

The question I have is: Where's the Wax? I know that a lot of product was opened but I also know that a lot of cards were printed. With the very few boxes that are available where are they? I mean you can get a box of pretty much anything at anytime, but not these boxes. These boxes have also cost a fortune for a long ass time so its not like someone snuck in a picked up case after case of this stuff back in 95 for $500.

There are three possibilities:

1. Some Mofo(s) is/are hoarding the stuff
2. People are breaking it to get the high grade Jordans
3. Its all been busted

I think its a mix of 1 and 2 with all of the graded jordans that are out there, there are a ton of boxes that have been busted. But remember a lot of these cards are nrmt or better and they were 3-4 a box. The reason why I think a ton of this stuff is being hoarded is because this was the "Premier Set" and people always put away the first year, issue number 1 etc. Plus this stuff was cheap to put 5 cases away upon release $180 a case at retail. Again with few boxes of this stuff selling on ebay, just seems that a lot is unaccounted for.

With that 27 1/2 cases of 1975 Topps Minis that one dude had. He actually had more than that, he had busted a ton of the boxes he had and those were only available in a few areas. It would not surprise me if there were people that have 20-50 cases of 86-87 Fleer Basketball just waiting. Not wanting to flood the market, they let it out a little ata time, and might be busting it a card at a time.

I have seen 100+ graded sets for sale on ebay PSA 7 and above. Thoughts?

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