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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remaking Masterpieces

As some of you know, I had a conference call with Upper Deck today. It was kind of weird in a good way. My 13 year old self could not have imagined such an event. Don't get me wrong, it's not a huge deal but the self-cool factor is high. They asked me about certain things, I complained about SPX, they explained certain things, so on and so forth.

I've decided that I am going to put a product plan together for a new version of masterpieces. Why you ask? Becuase I love it so. Anyway, apparently Masterpieces was a difficult product for Upper Deck. I don't want to say what they told me, but as far as sales, it wasn't good.

Tomorrow, I will post a top to bottom plan to resurrect it and make it profitable for the Diamond boys and girls in Carlsbad. Email me at jldoveror@yahoo.com with things you want to see, price point, content, etc.


Anonymous said...

I wondered what was going on as you guys were tweetin' back and forth so much.

Gellman said...

I told them at the time that they needed signed base cards rather than those stroke of genius cards. The base cards were so awesome, that a signed version would have been amazing. The problem is that the product cant have that many autos because of the cost of the box in relation to the cost of the athlete sigs.

Voluntarheel said...

What Gellman said, and wait until they are in pro uniforms or air brush pro uniforms after the draft and have them signed at the rookie premier. You are never going to capture the majority market with college uniforms in a set based on NFL greats and such.

Also have box toppers. I think all can agree that the artwork is some of the best. It would be cool to have a large base card of your favorite player/team. That Eli Manning / Y.A. Tittle card in your box 3 would be awesome in a larger format for a Giants fan.

laf said...

that is awesome... not gonna lie I am definitely jealous. Did they admit that the R. bush masterpieces patch doesn't exist! haha!

I think that they could definitely use their college license to their advantage and make a college masterpieces... completely college set. big moments. it could even be separate than the nfl set. but any college fan would love their favorite team moment captured in a painting.

stusigpi said...

Laf -

I did tell them that I was the Reggie Bush Patch short of the set and someone on the call asked "are you sure it was made?" I told him that I had found a picture of one by searching photobucket. So I know it exists.

College products can struggle. I don't collect them but I do see lots of talk about them. Its tough to theorize without seeing actual sales numbers. I would love to see a sales sheet from 2008 that showed production and then sales by week before and after release just to get an idea.

Offy said...

I would imagine that the main problem with Masterpieces is that it sat and sat at the original retail price. Most of it didn't get really popular until the prices dropped through discount online retailers. It's a beautiful product, but I'd also imagine an expensive one to make. While I'd love to see a new set especially since it seems right up the alley of a company no longer allowed to use logos, I'd fear that it would sit on the shelves like the original Masterpieces sets did.

Good luck! I'd love to see a viable set see the light of day.