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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rueters article on the whole thing

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Upper Deck Co will pay Major League Baseball Properties a "substantial" sum, plus more than $2.4 million to settle earlier debts, to resolve a lawsuit accusing the baseball card maker of using the sport's logos without permission, the league said.

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Here is what they really mean:

What! What!

Upper Deck is going to pay them some mad fuckin cash y'all. Plus they gots to give them another 2.4 million dollars for shit they already owed them for. They was using they shit without they saying shit was cool.

They filed some shit back in February which was forevers ago in The Empire for using their shit. They was tellin them to stop selling their shit with their shit on it.

Theyz talking mad shit telling them they was going to keep selling their shit with they shit on it. They in California, so they Whack, and they said they not going to sell their shit no mo that has their shit on it.

This was like some serious months after they told Topps they could sell their shit with their shit on it for a while. They the only ones to sell their shit legalz so step the fuck off y'all. Topps has been sellin their shit with their shit on it since 1952, fo sho that like 100 years.

They raked they ass and made them their beotch, bullshit, they their sloppy bottom. They sold lots their shit in 2009 and owed them serious cabbage.

Don't forget that Topps was ate up by Snow White or some shit back in 2007.

Here's da legalz: They versus them in a home game. 10-732 whatever the fuck that is.

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