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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A thinly veiled shot at Upper Deck and more suggestions for Topps

Thats what I thought when I saw this advert on the back of this months Sports Collectors Monthly. Thoughts?

I still go back to the Upper Deck issue of consumer confusion or whether anyone cares.

Personally I don't and in this day and age, a base Tyler Flowers RC isn't going to be worth a damn anyway with auto rookies, jersey patch auto rookies and such.

Topps helped create the monster and if they want sets to have any meaning, they will have to kill it.

As I posted before, would anyone really miss the autos and relics in Heritage or base Topps? I think not, in a lot of ways, along with short prints and more series, Topps could reinvent the hobby.

Think of it this way. 5 cards a pack like back in the day. Maybe 7 or 8. 4 series. Series 1 282 cards 12 Sp's Series 2 same and then 132 cards series 3 and 4 8-10 Sp's or some combination thereof. Set builders set for sure. BTW no rookie autos in any set. Then the base rookies and sp rookies will actually have value and a reason to chase. Save the auto cards for 2nd year and above. Pretty sure it would work. High end baseball sucks anyway.


Roy said...

This is exactly why Late 90's early '00 was the best time for baseball cards.Maybe the base cards were over the top, but think of sets like '99 Ultimate Victory and the Rick Ankiel, Josh Beckett rookies. They were a hell of a chase.

Captain Canuck said...

why don't you ask for world peace while you're at it jeff...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been advocating for set collector sets for awhile. While I collect on-card autos, I don't -need- them in low end sets. Make the sets cheaper. Less is more in terms of inserts. Look at UD's Victory this year - it's a cool looking set without bells and whistles.