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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Text Messages

Tiger Woods Text Messages.

The site is struggling. Anyway, here is my view of this stuff generally. Some of it is weird, some of it is odd, some of it is cool I guess but to each his own. What's the problem other than he is/was married? The funny thing is that I would rather hang with Tiger than the plain vanilla people that would rather do it fully clothed, lights off with no talking. That man knows how to live life, but a little advice, you have to stick with high class call girls in Nevada where its legal. That's where Spitzer screwed up.


Anonymous said...

And many of us in NY wish we had Spitzer back in office. :(

That said, hey, at least Tiger isn't shy about what he wants... Not. Shy. At. All.

Motherscratcher said...

Wait, are you saying that Tiger hasn't done anything to you and doesn't owe you an apology?

But...but...think of the children!

Alex said...

What consenting adults do with each other is their business. That being said he did give a commitment to his wife and SHE has every right to be mighty pissed at him and end the marriage. He should also have been aware that in all likelihood it would get out eventually and taint his image in some people's eyes and affect his marketability. If he's happy to live with those consequences, then again, that is entirely his choice, not the "moral majority's".

grant said...

His Image? Wait until this all boils over and he starts playing again. The Bad boy Tiger is unintended marketing genius as far as I'm concerned. His Wife doesn't seem to be as stupid and naive as what people think. I have a hard time believing this just happened and ALL came to her attention that night. (not saying it was right or wrong not for me to say either way it's not my wife) he was married to her just stating the simple fact she knew something. The Entire PGA tour already knew or was suspicious of what he was doing. Wait Why am I writing about this I really don't care?? Thanks Jeff!! LOL Grant HA the word verification was "CHEATUA" Sweet