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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Topps Unique Baseball - On further review I like it

Yeah yeah Yeah, I know but hear me out.

Base Set:

The base set uses a two tone black type ink that contrasts well. The cards come out of the pack in good shape. They are half matte half glossy. One of the problems that usualy comes with these cards is the condition. Stock is a bit flimsy though.

Rookies: Within the base set there are the serial numbered rookies. They are /2699 which may seem like a lot, but that is near the 98-02 Sp authentic non auto rookies and there are quite a few of the rookies that are in demand.


Parallels: There are reds /1199 Rookies and Veterans and golds /99 veterans /25 rookies


Unique Uni's are throwback uniform pics. Wierd thing is that there is no player name on the front:

Unparalleled Performances

Patch: Each box has a pretty nice patch card in it

Each box has an auto to:

Random Jersey/bat Relic: Each box has a random bat/jersey card. Not a fan of these so much but good for player collectors.

Ok, so here is the opinion part. The base set is easy enough to put together. Here is why I like unique. The rookie set is limited but attainable. /2699 isn't too high yet still difficult enough to put a set together. The numbering also gives the rookies an air of scarcity. Also, the red parallels are nic looking cards, a bit thicker than the others. They are very distinct from the base set and while being /1199 they are plentiful enough to put a set together. The gold parallel although nice, they aren't common enough to worry about. Too scarce for their own good. The inserts are limited enough where there aren't 50 different damn parallels.

Basically, Unique is a higher end set collectors set. and...each box has a nice patch card in it, no being stuck with simple plain jerseys hoping for a patch to fall out every 5th box. Many are logo and 3-4clr although we did pull one single color out of 4 boxes in the group break. Even though they don't sell for a lot, these patches add value. Also I guarantee they are great trade bait.

The auto: I hate sticker autos. The real shame of it is that topps had an awesome design for on card, lots of white space with great color contrast. Much like what UD does for SP authentic Football RPA's. Topps really missed out on an opportunity. I realize that it costs more to do on card, but a lot of these guys are going to be in A and G so they could have had them signed at the same time if they would have planned it right. Really missed out for sure.

Random Jersey: Filler, could have done without and gone on card for the same price, or dropped price of box a few bucks.

So, in conclusion, Unique is a higher end set builders set with nice patches and nice looking autos. There are 3 attainable sets with a few inserts mixed in. Too many people were busting this stuff looking for the super mojo nasty hits that they could make dealz on. That was the wrong way to look at it. I might end up buying a case when these hit $80 a box and seeing what happens, also there are some way nicer patches as case hits as well, jumbo logo type stuff that can get you the better part of a couple boxes back depending.


Joe said...

I was really pleased with the cards after having them inhand myself.

I see you used the Stadium Club label, my main gripe with 08 SC was not the price point but rather how thin/flimsy the cards were.
I remember thinking how much better Stadium Club would've been if they matched this set's card stock.

The gold/bronze/platinum parallels should've been fatter like the red ones in my opinion.
I ended up with maybe 1000 cards blindly buying lots on ebay to still end up one short of a red set, and the only major knock I have on them is how prone they are to chipping.

The Berkman jumbo patch looks like it came out of 2009 Topps base though?

Anonymous said...

I haven't had these in hand, so I can't comment in that way. But from the armchair view, they look so plain to me. Granted, I do like the jumbo patches and bat knob stuff - that's cool. I dunno. I'd have to see them in hand, yeah.

Arman said...

Did they sneak an obama logo onto a patch?