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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes Panini I will go out with you, but you will have to pick me up

Dear Hobby Blogger (that's me!):

As the Panini Andrenalyn Tour spreads the word about card collecting and Panini Adrenalyn NBA cards to kids across America , we wanted to give you the chance to get a VIP Tour of the Adrenalyn Tour Bus if/when it comes to your town. We’ll have lots of giveaways, NBA game tickets in some markets and even the chance for you to interview an NBA player on the Tour Bus for your blog.

Although your blog lives on the internet, we assume you live somewhere in the USA . So below is our upcoming schedule. If we are coming to a town near you, let me know and we will make arrangements for our Panini Adrenalyn Tour Bus reps to give you a behind-the-scenes tour.

March 4 – American Airlines Arena, Miami , Fla

March 7 – Toys R Us – Times Square , NY City

March 8 – NBA Store – NY City
March 13-14 – Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield , Mass

March 15 – Toys R Us, Secaucus , NJ

March 18-20 – Indianapolis , Ind

March 24 – TBD, Chicago , Ill

March 27 – Mall of America, Minneapolis , Minn

Here’s more info about The Adrenalyn Tour which began in North Texas during NBA All-Star 2010 and visits 13-NBA markets, culminating with a series of events in Los Angeles at the end of the NBA regular season. The Tour, anchored with a rock star-style Tour Bus, includes an NBA regulation-size half-court for kids to participate in basketball clinics with NBA players and basketball-related skills contests to help promote participation in the sport. There is also an interactive gaming area and trading card area where kids can learn how to play the game. To learn more about the tour and event stops, watch videos, and view photos from each tour stop, visit www.paniniadrenalyn.com .

But alas, I live in Oregon


Rod said...

only one NBA in the NW equals no stop

Offy said...

They've got two stops here in Massachusetts, but try and find any details about where they supposedly set up shop today in Boston and there's nothing to be found. I got the same e-mail that you did and contacted Doug that same day about details and never heard anything. I'd rather not make the hour drive out to Springfield to see the bus if I can do it right here in Boston, but I may have to. At least there are press releases out there about the Springfield stop listing what former Celtics are going to be there, what special cards you can obtain for your online account and that they'll be presenting the giant Kobe jersey card there. Unfortunately, the forecast for Massachusetts this weekend is rain.

Adrenalyn XL USA Tour said...

Got to follow us on twitter @NBAAdrenalyn we are around...

Offy said...

I am. There weren't any specifics for Boston posted. I've got the details now and will make the trip to Springfield on Saturday.