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Friday, April 30, 2010

Another snap case idiot

***update*** The guy emailed me and refunded my money. He said he shps all of his cards this way and has never had a complaint. Everyone that I contact about this problem tells me that I am the only person that has ever had an issue with damaged cards. Really?

Why do people ship cards in snap cases? Why? Can they not hear and feel the card banging around in there? Really? Couldn't put the card in a penny sleeve? Maybe put a couple toploaders around it. As soon as I picked up the package I could feel the card moving around. Needless to say, negative feedback is on its way. Idiot.

Listen, don't even try to defend the snap case or any other plastic box as a suitable way to store cards. If you think its ok, you are one of those people that has a lot of vg-exmt cards and thinks they are Nrmt-Mint. They aren't.

The victim was this card.

2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Baseball - a rant

First this is not a knock on UD, this is an $80 product.

Having said that, wtf man? So in the box last night we pulled an upton auto jersey. Here are a couple sold on Ebay. $14 bucks back on $100+ box? Really? I picked ultimate for the box breaks because of the lack of high end baseball products, but who the hell pays $150 bucks for this shit? Really? Are people that desperate to open baseball products. I suppose I cant blame Blowout, Atlanta, DA, BigT, or anyone else for jacking up prices on Ultimate.

If people are willing to pay it then they deserve exactly what they get, a BJ Upton auto jersey apparently. This product has some great hits, Williams dubious jersey patches and others including clemente. Actually we didn't do too bad on those five boxes we broke some months ago. That schmidt auto, Ozzie/Eckersley, Porcello, etc were some pretty good hits, but talk about playing the one arm bandit.

The question is, who is buying this stuff? There has been a lack of these boxes selling on ebay. In the beginning there were boxes galore, now there is 1 that is currently in auction form. I see few if any boxes being broken on Blowout. Every once in a while someone will bust a case, but those breaks have dropped off. In fact most of the youtube breaks are a month old or older.

I don't know, I refuse to break sterling for our monthly breaks. I just won't do it. Tribute? Not a chance. Maybe I need to go with boxes of 2003 retired?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We should start a pool

To see who can guess what the current listed price is on this card on the 15th of every month.

Everyone throws in $5 a month. 17 slots. Person closest every month gets a box of cards.

May 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Baseball Box


Topps Chiclens and hot sauce

After the universal panning of the junk mock-ups that Topps released for Chicle, the suspect was released today and society has some mixed emotions. All the scans are stolen from the blowout 6 box break postlinked below.

Here are some blowout breaks here, here, and here. If you read some of the comments, people hate them, love them and are unsure of Chicle.

Here is my take:

The Base set: Looks better than the mockups. Although some of the drawings are just off. Its almost like the artist was 80% then screwed it up.

Artist Proof - Auto'd by the artist oversized cards /50

These are brilliant. A nice set to collect indeed. These would kick ass framed.

Relics: Normal fare but look nice. Nothing ground breaking

Autos: On Card. Well done Topps.

I like the white area for the signature. The autos show up really well. People have complained about the checklist. Its time to get over the fact that baseball auto checklists suck. Baseball products do not have strong checklists like football and basketball as they are not driven by rookie classes and such. One reason why I don't bust baseball so much.

Topps gets a free pass on the sticker auto/plate. Not sure if there is any other way.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some people never learn, nor do they care

Jason over at Fieldlevelview posted that ***ryder*** and his alter ego Ufjumper7 is selling fake patches. He was refering to this FCB forum post. The forum post was done in the last couple of days.

The funny thing is that this guy has been posted about quite a few times and a search on yahoo of ufjumper7 brings up multiple search results that call him a scam artist yet he sells a ton of fake patches for a lot of money.

Many of us wonder who these people are that buy from him. I am suspecting that these are very unsophisticated buyers that frankly just aren't that intelligent or as gullible as it gets. I mean no one pulls this many patches that are that nice. Also, look at what ufjumper7 buys. For Pete's sake he is buying the patches he uses to fake his cards with the same account he buys them with. Then there is the selling account ***ryder*** . BTW check out his Jordan rookie fakes. Note how he states they aren't "stamped" on the back. Yeah, that means that they aren't marked as reprints so have at them and try to rip others off.

It gets to the point where I don't feel sorry for the buyers if they are that dumb. More money than sense I suppose. I bought a ton of patches for my masterpieces patch set and I am sure that in the latest batch there are 2 fakes, but I also didn't pay enough for them for it to matter. Also, it has gotten to the point where the fakes don't matter. Its almost impossible to detect them and most people accept them as being real, plus logo patches aren't special anymore. Anyone that pays a premium for logo patches is a moron anyway because of the fake possibility and they just arent that rare anymore.

One of the tricks these guys use is that they do have some legitimate cards or so they seem. Note the AP and Matt Ryan autos. Three possible reasons to have those. 1. to make it seem like he has legitimate high end cards. 2. To remove a real sticker auto and replace it with a fake so he can sell the once legitimate card for BV or higher and to stick the real auto sticker on an otherwise $1 card. The sticker would pass authentication because the auto on the sticker is real 3. To have the card to use as a template for fake autos.

Topps and the found football license?

Many months ago we were all buzzing over topps losing their football license. Honestly I wasn't too dismayed as that meant no more crappy bowman products, no triple crap, sterling, platinum and whatever else. On the downside we no longer had chrome and finest, two perinial favorites. Let me say this. I recognize that sterling and triple threads are most likely big money makers. I haven't seen a P and L sheet on them but that's my guess.

Now that UD has been unable to renew their license it looks like topps is going to get theirs back. I can't imagine the NFL missing out on that revenue stream or putting their eggs in one panini basket. The sad thing is UD did a fine job with their NFL license and we are losing SPA patch autos. The upside is that chrome and finest are back. The issue being whether topps can slam this puppy into gear in time to get product out the door. I see no reason why not.

Inimagine topps had 2010 base designs in the hopper and chrome is just a chromey version. Finest might be a bit toughe but because the premier has not occurred yet, there is plenty of time to get autos and jerseys. More good newsis that topps cleaned out their stores of stickers with magic, mayo, unique,chicle and base last year so we might even see more on card. Also fewer products because topps will have less time to get stuff done.

What I want to see from topps is base, chrome, finest, a non silvery sterling level product that is like premier of 2007-2008, mayo and perhaps a simple 56 topps baseball version of football. That's enough. No bowman crap, no kickoff. Here is how topps can deal with no kickoff. Just package 5 base cards and a topps attax card per pack and slap a .99 price tag on it. Then sell blasters that contain autos and jerseys for $15 dolla. They should do the same in baseball.

Topps can really reboot football here without pressure from UD. Allowing them to do what they need to do. Just some thoughts. Of course nothing has been announced ....yet. Now where is my resume?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Panini Crown Royale avec fromage - $25 SRP

Configuration: 7 Cards, 4 Packs, 12 Boxes
Pack SRP: $25.00

So $100 a box. Thats a lot of cash, but is it really? I am assuming you get 4 hits per box. So basically this is on par with every other release out there for cost. Take SPA for example. 3 hits, ok I know there are hot boxes that have 6, in fact I got 3 RPA's in one box, but boxes are $100 thus each hit pack is $33. Exquisite is $75 per hit. Thus $25 per hit isn't really out of the ordinary. Plus these are going to be On-Card. If I can get Gasol and the like, I am ok with that. Good god, that's two Panini products that I don't hate and might even like.

Now we will have to wait to see what the checklist is like and see what kind of sticker auto/on card auto ratio we have. In a product like absolute memorabilia you get sticker autos and some pretty crappy pulls overall. Maybe Crown Royale will be better? At least Panini seems to be listening.

Does Panini communicate with those of you that have gotten review boxes, or do they just show up. Do they every ask for your feedback directly?

A little traffic this way comes

Upper Deck was nice enough to post my masterpieces patch set on facebook and the traffic is coming to me at 3 hits a minute it seems. Now I am turning my collecting focus to the baseball and football parallel sets. If you have some reds blues browns greens or any of the /50 cards let me know. Here is my wantlist.

2008 Masterpieces Football Group Case Break Box 7


Monday, April 26, 2010

Topps Gold Uncut Sheet

I dig the Extra Extra Large Plastic sheet it goes in.

Reader Elmer forwarded these to me. Note how many winner cards there are and that they are varied. I never pulled a winner card in all my packs, full sets are easy to come buy due to them. Very cool uncut shee though.


Teblowing your Money

Panini sends out these press releases to us blogger and others. Today Panini is showing off the Teblow Cards.

This is the regular

And this is the SP

People are going to be paying many many dollars for the SP for no apparent reason. Teblow is a marginal prospect at best, yet as with every year people are going to blow money on a guy that is already topped out. Teblow SP's will probably sell for $20-$40 upon release, maybe more. Here is a secret, that SP will be selling for $10-15 in 6 months.

Let me give you an example of how to "invest". Back in 90-91 I bought up every 83, 84 Cal Ripken Jr. card I could find. I was paying anywhere between $2-$5 for these things. Then during the season ripken shot up and I was selling them for $15-$25.

Here is how not to prospect: You spend $1000 on wax hoping to get a $500 card. Pay $300 for Sanchez SP authentic RPA's hoping he does really well so you can sell them for $325 6 months later.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Panini Prestige Football - Prepare to be shocked

I like them, I like everything about them. I like the design, I like the ON CARD autos.
I get the rookie plastic helmet autos aren't new, but its a brilliant idea for a first release. Especially for rookies. Frankly, rookie sticker autos are not acceptable to me. These cards look clean and I like that.

TO part deux here. I think Dez is a good pick.

This manning/schaub patch doesn't quite have the color combination I like. I would have liked them better if they would transition Schaubs team colors into manning's, but the card does have a purpose, nice theme.

Very nice card. Good use of colors,

Not much to say about this card. A devestating combo of Brady and Welker. Good looking card

Base rookie. Panini does a great job of down playing the college uni's, but it would be nice if these had some color to them. Panini may remedy this in the final version as these are mockups.

The Dreaded Sticker auto, great patch though. Here is the way I see it. These /50 or less patch autos should be on card. I can't imagine that its a lot of work, provided the checklist is small enough, to get 50-100 on card autos, especially given the off season time these guys have. I get when there is an auto where its numbered to 300 or higher that stickers are a more effective method, but this is a case hit probably and case hits should be on card.

I'll be interested to see how breaks of this work out.
Look for FOUR Memorabilia or Autograph Cards (with at least one autograph), 24 Rookies, 2 Extra Points Gold, 1 Extra Points Red, 3 Draft Picks Light Blue, 1 Stars of the NFL, 1 Connections, 1 league Leaders, 1 TD Sensations, 1 NFL Draft, 4 Others (on average)

Friday, April 23, 2010

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Patch /50 Complete Set Scans

Here it is:

Well actually a bit of a story first. I bought my first box of Masterpieces Football back in December 2008. Boxes were going for $50-$60 at the time and I paid $53 each for a couple of boxes. I pulled a JD Booty patch in the third box. I liked the patch but had no idea how many there were or how much they were going for. I didn't give the patch another thought. Although I did state " I do see myself looking to complete the framed sets in both baseball and football." I have completed both blacks and both greens in 2007 less 1 card.

Regardles I then opened some boxes in January and pulled an Early Doucett 3 color patch with this now Epic Post. Then I opened this now infamous case of Masterpieces. I think it was about that time that I started seriously thinking of trying to complete the set. I put up my first patch wantlist in October 2009 after I had the set 2/3 completed.

Obviously I had been at this awhile and was picking them up on ebay as I saw them posted. I was bidding too little on some and getting outbid on ones that should have been easy pickins. I faught on and slowly worked my way down. It seemed I was spinning my wheels as the same cards came up for sale over and over again. There were quite a few that I had just not seen or had seen listed once.

Eventually I found myself down to a few but a problem arose. Another set collector joined the fray. He was spending a lot on the cards, more than I was willing to. He got a Dustin Keller 2 color that he went up to $17 or so on. Funny enough another was posted a few days later that I got for $5 shipped. Thats how it went though, weeks where 5 would be listed and weeks where none would be listed.

Down to the final three I needed Shockey, Chad Johnson and Bush. I found a Shockey on Beckett Marketplace and then within a month 2 were listed on ebay, I have all 3 that I have seen posted. Finally a Chad Johnson came up, the set collector and I went at it on a nice 3 color. I won for $30+. Around this time I ran into him on the Blowout forums and looked at his photobucket, low and behold he had a Bush. I asked if he would be willing to sell it, he said no but said he was planning on perhaps giving up. When the Bush was listed last week, he emailed me to let me know it was on Ebay. Very nice of him. He also asked me to make an offer on his Patch collection. I did and he was willing to sell it to me for what I offered.

Before he had received his last two patches that he had won so we could complete the transaction, I won the Bush and today it arrived. The set is complete but will get better when I get his 32 patches because he has a lot of two color where I have single.

Without further rambling, here they are:


Box Break cards are ordered

With buying wax being a little like Mr. Toad's wild ride these days with pricing, I will have to wait and see what happens.

You might have read that ATL sportscards jerked Crawford Cards and the Sewing machine guy around on pricing for their group break. Im a part of the group break over there so take what I am saying with that in mind. Its fucking Icons, its not Ultimate, its not the newest product on the lot. UD made a shitload of it, its a decent product, but 20% price swings are ridiculous.

SO we will see, I got new quotes on the boxes a few days ago and paid based on those. I'll keep you update if there are any issues. I still paid way more than the prices I was being quoted when I announced the May product.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanna see some uncut Sheets of 50's Topps Baseball?

I knew that you did.

Those are brutally cool.

What an


Ok, I get that some people want to build a PSA 10 set but good god, this card is as common as it gets. Its funny, some sets have hysterically high rates of damaged cards in their packs, but Masterpieces quality control is damn good. I am curious how many cards out of a case of masterpieces are PSA 10's.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joy of a Completed Page - Joe Collector Style

BTW, this page looks cool in the Binder

Yes that is a complete /75 Green Time Warp Set.

We Have Bush

and he should be here Saturday. Is it wrong I am this excited about a card. Just for the record, i picked this up a few minutes ago.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's done.

The set is complete as soon as the card gets received.

This guy did his research

Check out this listing.

and then feel free to compare and contrast to this one.

But its 4 color. That's like way better than 3 and like almost 5.

Ebay, COMC, Beckett, Sports lots, Sportbuy comments

Just a few random thoughts. One thing that pisses me off and makes me happy are mislabeled listings. They are great in that you sometimes pick up nice cards for cheap, they suck in that when you are looking for a specific card it is often difficult to find the card you are looking for unless you stumble across it.

COMC has, by far the best interface. Pre loaded search terms, consistency in listings and organization. Beckett Marketplace has the same sort of set up but the searches are slow, the site often errors out, and the search results are not as good as COMC. Sportlots is pretty good, just slow. Usually very well organized and leads you to find a specific card. Sport buy sucks the worst. Very slow site, search results suck.

Ebay as we all know is a free for all. Some of the listing look like they were done by a 2nd grader, I wonder if ebay will ever go to a standardized collectible listing?

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Victory Lap - TTM expert help needed

So as I coast to victory on the Masterpieces Football Patch set, a couple of very perverted thoughts have entered my mind. One is just for me, the other is for everyone else and well me.

I am going back and forth on trying to get the entire 60 card set autographed through the mail with a couple of exceptions. The Favre, Brady, and maybe a couple of others I would pay to have done at show because I want to be sure of 1. authenticity, 2. I want to be sure I would get the card back.

So my question is this. Has anyone done TTM on the likes of Chad Ocho Cinco, Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson, Demarcus Ware, etc? Anyone have pointers on hos to do this rights, SASE, Including the correct pen, toploader, etc?

The Upper Deck Diamond Club - and some Panini hate

This somewhat secretive club has been known for years. The question has always been, How does one become a member?

From the video I have linked to above, you become a member by spending a shit ton of money on overpriced wax. At one point early in the video, Chris Carlin states that they basically wanted to reward customers and alleviate concerns of shops. Shops don't want to lose those customers that come in and bust case after case of product at their LCS. Well no shit.

Some of you out there purchase quite a bit of product from your LCS and that is great if that's what you choose to do. I am not one of those people. When you consider the latest Panini shenanigans of essentially attempting to artificially inflate and/or keep prices on wax high, this does not bode well for us collectors.

If you haven't noticed, since MLB bent UD over the hood of their Bentley, there has been a glaring lack of products out there. We have had Topps base, Heritage, Finest and a dearth ie a smattering very few shitty bowman products are slated as well. The general lack of product has moved us into a dead zone in the collecting world. I personally have noticed not so much a lack of enthusiasm, but no enthusiasm at all. What does this all mean?

Greed, money green, greed. Blah blah blah. Why do I say that? Its obvious. Card shops often charge twice the price for wax as online retailers. I know what you are saying, but they have to make money. Sure they do, but its a lemonade stand problem. You can sell one box of Panini Elite lemonade at $100 bucks and make $40 or you can sell 10 at $70 and make $10 a box and $100 overall. Yeah, that's how that works. But think about the children!. Personally, I don't give a damn about cardshops surviving when they rely on greed to do so.

"A fool and his money are soon parted"
That's really the point here. Essentially what card shops are trying to do is convince you to pay more money than you need to for their benefit. How do they do that? Through obligation. "You have to keep us in business" "It's good for the Hobby" Is it good for the hobby when I can only afford 2 boxes instead of 5. The singles aren't going to be worth any more. The Rhett Bomar RPA's are still only going to be worth $5-$20 even if it is an Exquisite.

Obviously the fact that the card came out of a $100-$500 means little. The exquisite goes for a little more but given the price difference in the boxes, its immaterial.

In my opinion Panini, MLB, NFL, and NBA are putting us back to the 90's. Way way way over priced wax, singles that really aren't worth anything, and no product choice at all. Keep in mind, my opinion of there being too many products on the market is still there. There is no diversity. What I mean is there are too many products at the same price point aimed at the same market. Topps is shit at high end, Upper Deck is brilliant at high end, and Panini is still eating sticker ass. With UD out of the game we have no high end.

Maybe Panini products are ok, but what I have seen thus far I have no compelling reason to give their boxes a try.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet pickup for a Canadia Collecting Friend

No its not my card but i do on occasion buy cards for my Canadia readers and ship them to them. Why do I do that? So my Joe Collectoring friends from the North are not deprived of cards they desire. One of my readers is a passionate Felix Hernandez collector and he has a problem with sellers that won't ship to the great white north. Why would someone not ship there? 1. Customs forms 2. Difficulty in tracking shipments and more. I have gotten him 1/1 sweet spot action and today this:

If any of you Canadia people need my services, just let me know. All I ask is that you cover all shipping and my paypal fees in accepting your payment.

Beavering away.

I get a few emails asking me what the hell I have been up to in the past few months. My box busting is non existent for many reasons.

Here is what I have been up to:
Completing the Masterpieces Patch Set. One card away, and I have 2 of that card available to me.

I completed the 2008 Mayo set

Working on the 2008 Mayo Mini set

2007 Masterpieces parallel sets:
Windsor Completed
Linen - 3 cards away but I know where those are too

2008 Masterpieces Football
Base set plus SP's completed
Black set completed
Red 5 cards away
Blue less than 10,
Brown not too many more than that
Green is a ways off

2008 Masterpieces Baseball
Base set plus sp's completed
Black completed
Red less than 10
Brown and blue not too many left
Green is a ways off

The parallel sets are a lot of super SP cards to get ahold of. To put it in perspective each set is 120 cards Black, Blue, Brown and Green so that is 480 SSP cards to obtain. My biggest issue has been player collectors.

Football black 86 cards, red 86, blue 86, brown 86, green 105, so thats 363 or so really really Spd cards to get a hold of. Duane over at Democratic roadkill and I have been working on these sets. Mainly he is helping me fill my wantlists and I am doing my best to get him my doubles and such.

There is no half assing these sets, cards are posted all the time and with a limited number out there it seems like a damn full time job. Oh and my job has been 10-12 hours a day and I have been looking for a new one so I can go back and bust some of the 01-2010 wax I want to get into athough there isnt much from 2010 I like.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Upper Deck Black Football

It's now Cheap. Cheap. It might be the best deal going right now, yes there are some shit boxes, but there are some really good hits too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

May Monthly Baseball Box Busters Group Break

If I messed up the team preference, let me know. Payment due April 15th, Box Break will occur May 1st. If Payment not received then you lose your spot.

Paypal to Stusigpi@hotmail.com

1 box 2009 Ultimate Baseball
2 boxes 2007 Exquisite Baseball
1 box 2010 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - Wombat (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - BA Benny (paid)
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - KB
6. Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (paid)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - The Stark (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Nico (paid)
11. Cleveland Indians – Mother (paid)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant (paid through July)
15. New York Mets – D Rauer (paid)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Paul (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH (paid)
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King (paid)
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins - bSteph (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - Brooklyn (paid)
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - AdamE (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Padretonian (paid)
30. Houston Astros - Houston Collector (paid)

Here is how the breaks are going to change:

First, There will be 1 baseball Monthly Break.
Each participant will be able to pick their team.
Each person that participated in the original Group Break gets first dibs on any 1 team they would like.
I will then open it up and you can get multiple teams after a couple days of them being open.
The budget will be increased to $540
The high end boxes will be video
The low end boxes will not be done on video.
The tiered pricing Structure will still be in effect.
Feel free to rotate persons i.e. Beardy and Dgreene on the Orioles.
The cost will be static, I will adjust the product to meet the prices at the time I order.
Payment will be due the 15th before the break. For example, if the break is scheduled for May 1st. Payment is due April 15th. No exceptions. None. Zero. Hate to be such a hard ass about this but, its the way its got to be.

Expect the following high end: Exquisite, Ultimate, Prime Cuts, Tribute, Pristine, Premier.

The low end will be a variety of newer boxes.

Comments? or Questions? 438 24%

(6)Any team newer than 1980 including the Nationals are in Tier 3 $13.75

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $16.75

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $20.50


Second team or break discount: 1.00
Third team or break: 1.50
Fourth Break and thereafter discount 2.00

American League
East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Boston Red Sox 1901
New York Yankees 1901
Tampa Bay Rays 1998
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Chicago White Sox 1901
Cleveland Indians 1901
Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
Kansas City Royals 1969
Minnesota Twins 1901
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
Oakland Athletics 1901
Seattle Mariners 1977
Texas Rangers 1961

National League
Atlanta Braves 1871
Florida Marlins 1993
New York Mets 1962
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
Washington Nationals 1969 - Will be Considered Tier 3
Chicago Cubs 1870
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
Houston Astros 1962
Milwaukee Brewers 1969
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
San Diego Padres 1969
San Francisco Giants 1883

Panini and their crazy ideas

Return us to the 90's. High prices, crappy products and not much else. This stuff is barely worth $50 a box let alone $100+

Anyway, Beckett has a decent write up on it and the comments are interesting.

Monthly Break is full

That is all.

Apparently no interest in the National Treasure Break?

Anyone interested in a 2 boxes 2006, 2 box 2009 National Treasures group break

About 86 bucks a slot
Each slot is 2 random teams
2 boxes 2006 National Treasures
2 boxes 2009 National Treasures?
if you all wanted to add 2 boxes of 2007 National treasures it would be $126 a person.

This would pretty much kick ass and there would be a ton of good teams.

The break would occur on June 1st with payment due May 15th and be done along side the June monthly baseball break which will be, Ill adjust product with pricing if pricing changes dramatically like it has been:
2 boxes 2010 Series 2 Topps Baseball Jumbo
1 2010 Chicle
1 2009 Ultimate Baseball
1 2009 Icons

2 2008 Bowman Chrome
2 2010 Topps Finest
1 2009 Ultimate Baseball

2 boxes 2010 Ginter
2 boxes 2009 Ultimate

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Padres and Pirates available for Monthly Group Break

Remember Adrian Gonzalez and others are in 2007 stuff and the Pirates have Jason Bay.

In 2009 Ultimate, its all about Ozzie Smith (Some stuff Cardinals, others Padres) and Clemente for the Pie Rites.

It's been listed

I'm on the goal line, let's see if I can punch it in. Details hopefully next week. Anybody that has been half paying attention to my blog knows what I am talking about. If you know what card I am talking about please, please just let me have this one. I have seen it happen before when someone is chasing a card and someone with no real interest in it just cocks it up to be a jerk.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is it just me

or is there not much going on in the hobby right now?

Wax prices are sky high
Panini is becoming the evil empire - I heard there is the 2 mile long raft of discarded auto stickers floating in the pacific ocean.
Topps needs to get back into football

Monthly Box Breaks

A few of you need to pay, the 15th is approaching quickly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Masterpieces Wantlist

Football Wantlist

Checklist Time Warps Rookies

Captured on Canvas Jerseys

16 Demarcus Ware
19 Devin Hester
51 Matt Ryan
57 Ryan Grant

Red /199 need4 of 86
10 Brett Favre
28 Dwight Clark
33 James Hardy
60 Malcolm Kelly

Blue /150 need 5 of 86
7 - ben Roethlisberger
8 - Brett Favre
46 - Joe Montana
75 - Adrian Peterson
88 - Walter Payton

Brown /99 need 10 of 86
2 - Adrian Peterson
3 - David Tyree
34 - Franco Harris
36 - Dexter Jackson
42 - Jamaal Charles
47 - Joe Namath
49 - John Elway
86 - Vince Lombardi

Green /75 need 25 of 105
Light Blue /50

green /50

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list


Red 119 of 120
7 Even Longoria

Blue /125 95 of 120

Brown /100 81 of 120


Green /75 51 of 120

Blue /50

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Serious Black /99

Black Linen /99

Blue Linen /75

Pinot /75

Hades /50
1,6,8,10,13,16,17,19,20,22,24,25,26,27,29,30,32,33,34,35,36,40,41,42,43,45, 46,47,49,52,53,54,55,56,61,62,65,69,74,75,76,77,78,82,85,89

Blue Steel /50

Rusted /50

I love these types of posts

I like them because I don't know the outcome yet. Phil may or may no pull it out today but I sure hope he does. One of the greatest moments in sports history was the first Masters win. I remmber coming out of my chair when he sank that put. I'm not one of those over celebration people. I don't yell and scream, I did when Gibson came off the bench and hit the homer. When Dyson was tackled a yard short of the TD, when Warner completed the pass to Fitz to take the lead. Hell when I passed the bar, I calmly called my parents and told them I passed.

I don't know if anyone dislikes lefty. He hasn't done anything bad that I know of, seems like a good guy. Im sure he has been an arrogant ass at times, haven't we all.

Anyway here you go.

Padres available in Monthly Break

Rod has decided to bow out. The Padres are available.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Adding another one to the fold - Beardy Edition

Here it is. Picked it up for less than the cost of a box.

Some of you maybe be thinking FAKE!. Not so fast, I do know that UD used the patch shieldy thing in these cards because I pulled one meself.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Astros are the only team left

For the May Group Break. After 5 pm pst Monday April 5, anyone can claim them.

Thanks to Offy

for sending me

as all of you know I am obssessed with masterpieces parallels, here is my wantlist:
2008 Masterpieces Football Wantlist

Patches /50
Reggie Bush

Captured on Canvas Jerseys
16 Demarcus Ware
19 Devin Hester
51 Matt Ryan
57 Ryan Grant

Red /199 need 8 of 86
3 David Tyree
10 Brett Favre
12 Earl Bennett
28 Dwight Clark
30 Ed Podolak
33 James Hardy
60 Malcolm Kelly
83 Tom Brady

Blue /150 need 9 of 86

Brown /99 need 16 of 86

Green /75 need 38 of 105

Light Blue /50

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list

Red 113 of 120
7 Even Longoria
33 Asdrubal Cabrera
46 Robin Yount
60 Whitey Ford
69 Chase Utley
71 Ryan Howard
92 Cal Ripken

Blue /125 93 of 120

Brown /100 75 of 120


Green /75 51 of 120