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Friday, April 23, 2010

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Patch /50 Complete Set Scans

Here it is:

Well actually a bit of a story first. I bought my first box of Masterpieces Football back in December 2008. Boxes were going for $50-$60 at the time and I paid $53 each for a couple of boxes. I pulled a JD Booty patch in the third box. I liked the patch but had no idea how many there were or how much they were going for. I didn't give the patch another thought. Although I did state " I do see myself looking to complete the framed sets in both baseball and football." I have completed both blacks and both greens in 2007 less 1 card.

Regardles I then opened some boxes in January and pulled an Early Doucett 3 color patch with this now Epic Post. Then I opened this now infamous case of Masterpieces. I think it was about that time that I started seriously thinking of trying to complete the set. I put up my first patch wantlist in October 2009 after I had the set 2/3 completed.

Obviously I had been at this awhile and was picking them up on ebay as I saw them posted. I was bidding too little on some and getting outbid on ones that should have been easy pickins. I faught on and slowly worked my way down. It seemed I was spinning my wheels as the same cards came up for sale over and over again. There were quite a few that I had just not seen or had seen listed once.

Eventually I found myself down to a few but a problem arose. Another set collector joined the fray. He was spending a lot on the cards, more than I was willing to. He got a Dustin Keller 2 color that he went up to $17 or so on. Funny enough another was posted a few days later that I got for $5 shipped. Thats how it went though, weeks where 5 would be listed and weeks where none would be listed.

Down to the final three I needed Shockey, Chad Johnson and Bush. I found a Shockey on Beckett Marketplace and then within a month 2 were listed on ebay, I have all 3 that I have seen posted. Finally a Chad Johnson came up, the set collector and I went at it on a nice 3 color. I won for $30+. Around this time I ran into him on the Blowout forums and looked at his photobucket, low and behold he had a Bush. I asked if he would be willing to sell it, he said no but said he was planning on perhaps giving up. When the Bush was listed last week, he emailed me to let me know it was on Ebay. Very nice of him. He also asked me to make an offer on his Patch collection. I did and he was willing to sell it to me for what I offered.

Before he had received his last two patches that he had won so we could complete the transaction, I won the Bush and today it arrived. The set is complete but will get better when I get his 32 patches because he has a lot of two color where I have single.

Without further rambling, here they are:



the sewingmachineguy said...

Congrats. That is a great looking set.

Alex said...

Very nice.

Captain Canuck said...

well done jeff.

that's going to look awesome framed, or whatever you're doing with it...

Drew said...

Awesome set, Masterpieces is a great set and you really took advantage of it! Great job!

Motherscratcher said...

Awesome, dude.

Duane said...

You hit the big time...UD facebook post...get ready for all the Hits!!!!

Matt said...

Amazing, Jeff. Congrats on the accomplishment. They look excellent - hope the patch upgrades do too!