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Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Panini Prestige Football - Prepare to be shocked

I like them, I like everything about them. I like the design, I like the ON CARD autos.
I get the rookie plastic helmet autos aren't new, but its a brilliant idea for a first release. Especially for rookies. Frankly, rookie sticker autos are not acceptable to me. These cards look clean and I like that.

TO part deux here. I think Dez is a good pick.

This manning/schaub patch doesn't quite have the color combination I like. I would have liked them better if they would transition Schaubs team colors into manning's, but the card does have a purpose, nice theme.

Very nice card. Good use of colors,

Not much to say about this card. A devestating combo of Brady and Welker. Good looking card

Base rookie. Panini does a great job of down playing the college uni's, but it would be nice if these had some color to them. Panini may remedy this in the final version as these are mockups.

The Dreaded Sticker auto, great patch though. Here is the way I see it. These /50 or less patch autos should be on card. I can't imagine that its a lot of work, provided the checklist is small enough, to get 50-100 on card autos, especially given the off season time these guys have. I get when there is an auto where its numbered to 300 or higher that stickers are a more effective method, but this is a case hit probably and case hits should be on card.

I'll be interested to see how breaks of this work out.
Look for FOUR Memorabilia or Autograph Cards (with at least one autograph), 24 Rookies, 2 Extra Points Gold, 1 Extra Points Red, 3 Draft Picks Light Blue, 1 Stars of the NFL, 1 Connections, 1 league Leaders, 1 TD Sensations, 1 NFL Draft, 4 Others (on average)


Offy said...

I agree completely. I wasn't a fan of Panini's early basketball releases, but they are getting better with each release. I think they now grasp just how important on-card autographs are and are doing what they can to deliver those to collectors.

Yes, the helmet thing has been done before, but since Panini now owns Donruss, who did it last year, I don't see it as much of a big deal. What's important is that Panini will be delivering on-card rookie autographs early in their product release schedule that reflect the team that drafted them. That's huge no matter how they did it.

Panini always does a good job with their jersey cards, but when they use that same design with a team logo or jersey number in place of the jersey swatch, I think they look terrible. Hopefully they don't do that with this release.

Anonymous said...

I also have to agree that this is looking pretty darn good. I just wish they didn't parallel the inserts and whatnot to death. I *may* pick up a box, but I'm having more fun spending the same amount of money on boxes of stuff that's 5+ years old.