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Friday, April 30, 2010

Another snap case idiot

***update*** The guy emailed me and refunded my money. He said he shps all of his cards this way and has never had a complaint. Everyone that I contact about this problem tells me that I am the only person that has ever had an issue with damaged cards. Really?

Why do people ship cards in snap cases? Why? Can they not hear and feel the card banging around in there? Really? Couldn't put the card in a penny sleeve? Maybe put a couple toploaders around it. As soon as I picked up the package I could feel the card moving around. Needless to say, negative feedback is on its way. Idiot.

Listen, don't even try to defend the snap case or any other plastic box as a suitable way to store cards. If you think its ok, you are one of those people that has a lot of vg-exmt cards and thinks they are Nrmt-Mint. They aren't.

The victim was this card.


the sewingmachineguy said...

Question; What do you think about the magnetic Ultra-Pro holders with the cut out corners?

Captain Canuck said...

there is a special place in hell for those that use/buy snap cases.

right nest to the douchebags that put tape on top loaders....

stusigpi said...

The Magnetic cases are fine, personally I don't use them but I sent out the Unique Patches in them in February and I am sending out some of the Exquisite cards in them this month. They dont do corner damage. I am a little skeptical as to any damage they might do to the edges because the cards do move around in them.

I put tape on toploaders to keep the cards in. I have had to many slide out when in transit to me. What I hate are the people that ship cards to me in toploaders that have had a roll of packing tape put around them rendering the toploader unusable.

Anonymous said...

I use the big ones for 50-150 base card sets, but they go in once, aren't shipped or rattled around anywhere. They aren't sets I collect, exactly, just a way for me to store them.

Voluntarheel said...

Amen brother. I have had 3 recent experiences with this. Twice I got my money back and they let me keep the card. The other time I saw in the ebay scan that it was in the snap case. The seller said up front that he would ensure the card doesn't move and would give my money back in case I wasn't happy. The card in this case came back fine as he used a penny sleeve and foam to secure it.

Magnetic holders are find but only if you secure the card. When I send in these, I put a base card or 2 in with the purchased card and then tape it shut. This makes sure the card doesn't rattle around.

Also, NEVER send a Magnetic case in anything other than a bubble mailer. Twice I have had cards send in just a manilla envelope and both times the usps rollers crushed the cases and the card. They showed up in one of those usps whoops envelopes.

I don't mind tape on the top of a top loader. I do this when I ship. I rarely keep my cards in the same case they come in anyway as they are scratched up usually.

Overall though, I am way more concerned about the condition the card reaches me in rather than being able to re-use the case.

Groat said...

When I ship out my cards, they are secured with a team bag or graded card bag instead of tape. The cards arrive to the buyer in exactly the shape that I would have kept my cards in.

Anonymous said...

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