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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beavering away.

I get a few emails asking me what the hell I have been up to in the past few months. My box busting is non existent for many reasons.

Here is what I have been up to:
Completing the Masterpieces Patch Set. One card away, and I have 2 of that card available to me.

I completed the 2008 Mayo set

Working on the 2008 Mayo Mini set

2007 Masterpieces parallel sets:
Windsor Completed
Linen - 3 cards away but I know where those are too

2008 Masterpieces Football
Base set plus SP's completed
Black set completed
Red 5 cards away
Blue less than 10,
Brown not too many more than that
Green is a ways off

2008 Masterpieces Baseball
Base set plus sp's completed
Black completed
Red less than 10
Brown and blue not too many left
Green is a ways off

The parallel sets are a lot of super SP cards to get ahold of. To put it in perspective each set is 120 cards Black, Blue, Brown and Green so that is 480 SSP cards to obtain. My biggest issue has been player collectors.

Football black 86 cards, red 86, blue 86, brown 86, green 105, so thats 363 or so really really Spd cards to get a hold of. Duane over at Democratic roadkill and I have been working on these sets. Mainly he is helping me fill my wantlists and I am doing my best to get him my doubles and such.

There is no half assing these sets, cards are posted all the time and with a limited number out there it seems like a damn full time job. Oh and my job has been 10-12 hours a day and I have been looking for a new one so I can go back and bust some of the 01-2010 wax I want to get into athough there isnt much from 2010 I like.

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Bobby said...

Do you have a list of what you need posted somewhere? I opened a good bit of masterpieces.