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Friday, April 23, 2010

Box Break cards are ordered

With buying wax being a little like Mr. Toad's wild ride these days with pricing, I will have to wait and see what happens.

You might have read that ATL sportscards jerked Crawford Cards and the Sewing machine guy around on pricing for their group break. Im a part of the group break over there so take what I am saying with that in mind. Its fucking Icons, its not Ultimate, its not the newest product on the lot. UD made a shitload of it, its a decent product, but 20% price swings are ridiculous.

SO we will see, I got new quotes on the boxes a few days ago and paid based on those. I'll keep you update if there are any issues. I still paid way more than the prices I was being quoted when I announced the May product.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I mean stock prices do crap like that. I know a lot of people like to think of bb cards as sticks but they AREN'T.

No to be overly critical, but given the uniformity of the jump I wonder how close we are to legitimately calling this "collusion."

stusigpi said...

In all fairness, some of these guys are beholden to their distributors. Having said that. ATL knows how these box breaks work and that if a quote is given then the person bases their box break on that. Plus its just a few boxes. I cant imagine that they sold out of Icons in that time frame.

As far as collusion goes. Supply and demand plays into it too, less products are out and so the shelf life of current products is longer. Remember the 80's. A box of 88 tops was $15-$20 at the beginning of the year and $15-$20 at the end.

I am very curious how wax sales have been with the price increases that have occured. I know I haven't bought a box for myself in months because nothing has caught my eye price wise. Singles are the way to go. We can always count on flippers to keep that market supplied.

the sewingmachineguy said...

I worked with a guy at DA and we worked out a price. I had him send me a PayPal Invoice for the product. I suppose he could dick me around when it comes time to pay. But, with his willingness to deal, I don't see that happening.
this current climate of no Upper Deck baseball is really getting sucky.

stusigpi said...

Da won't do shit for me. I always get a quote from them but it's always higher than everyone else. You would think that with the thousands of dollars I have spent with them they would be more willing to work with me. Maybe it's the products I want? They did a great job of losing most of my business.

Alex said...

Hey, as Brodie said:

"Be fair, everyone wants Mr Toad's Wild Ride."

Anonymous said...

DA has always been good to me and my Low Budget baseball breaks... They might be a little higher on some products, but otherwise they are average (and often have things that many don't).