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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love these types of posts

I like them because I don't know the outcome yet. Phil may or may no pull it out today but I sure hope he does. One of the greatest moments in sports history was the first Masters win. I remmber coming out of my chair when he sank that put. I'm not one of those over celebration people. I don't yell and scream, I did when Gibson came off the bench and hit the homer. When Dyson was tackled a yard short of the TD, when Warner completed the pass to Fitz to take the lead. Hell when I passed the bar, I calmly called my parents and told them I passed.

I don't know if anyone dislikes lefty. He hasn't done anything bad that I know of, seems like a good guy. Im sure he has been an arrogant ass at times, haven't we all.

Anyway here you go.

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