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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is it just me

or is there not much going on in the hobby right now?

Wax prices are sky high
Panini is becoming the evil empire - I heard there is the 2 mile long raft of discarded auto stickers floating in the pacific ocean.
Topps needs to get back into football


laf said...

Its not just you... this is what happens when there is a monopoly. Prices go up and manufacturers become complacent. Beardy wrote about 2010 baseball products sucking just the other day. Its true. I purchased two packs of finest, and that is all I have gotten since my 2010 topps binge ended a month and a half ago.

Its too bad. I will certainly miss all of UD's products... really who can survive on hockey alone? Panini came out of nowhere and has 2 exclusives, In a world of exclusives, you give each of the big 3 one of the 3 major sports.

Topps = baseball
UD = Football
Panini = NBA

Captain Canuck said...

it's sad. no new stuff. no new stuff coming. panini sucks. nothing good can come of this.

I need to go read my '77 OPC hockey card backs for the zillionth time...

Welden Waverspy said...

return to vintage

Play at the Plate said...

It's not just you.

Joe S. said...

Defintely not just you. I can't remember the last time I've been this unenthused about cards. There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that I'm excited about. I WAS in to Pro Debut, but boxes just jumped up $30 in price. WTF?

There are plenty of other things for me to spend my money on besides new wax, so I'm not too worried. I really don't see how the card shops will survive any more.

Alex said...

"Panini is becoming the evil empire"

Um, no that is (or soon maybe was) Upper Deck. Always has been. As far as I am aware at no point so far have Panini done any of the unethical and sometimes illegal crap Upper Deck has done. On top of that their customer service, according to 95% of collectors, is far better than Upper Deck's ever has been.

So while you may not like their products, there is no way you can honestly say they are becoming the "evil empire". If they start doing what Upper Deck has been doing for the last 20 years, then maybe you can honestly say that.

As for auto sticker, 3 words - SP Signature football.