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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's done.

The set is complete as soon as the card gets received.


RWH said...

I was watching it all week. Congrats on the pick up and the completion.

Offy said...

Congratulations! That's one heck of a set to complete.

Voluntarheel said...

Nice work man! Like I did with a set I put together last year, you will now find yourself wanting to upgrade patches.

It never ends.

btw, that went for more than I thought it would. You are not the only one putting the set together I presume.

stusigpi said...

You finished that gold set? I knew you were down to 1 or 2 with that Ryan that you were posting about.

Actually the other set collector is selling his 31 patches to me for an undisclosed price. I think this was a player collector because one of the regular jersey cards was up to $7. Normally a $2 card. Actually I am pretty happy with my patches. The only ones that are single color that I have are the ones that I have yet to see a multi color.

Voluntarheel said...

Yeah, I finished. The Ryan took forever. And I overpaid for it with the patch it has, but #/20 doesn't come up but every so often.


Did the other set guy contact you? Or did you get him through ebay? Nice friendly takeover.

King Felix 4 CY said...

Way to go Jeff. Great to see a set completed. I think you have inspired me to finish my 20th anniversary memorabilia set I was working on. I have 50 of the 100, I think. Cheers!

Ross said...


slugger3469 said...

Just wanted to let you in on a little something, and I'm not too proud of it.

I had introduced one of my buddies to your site a few weeks back. He's not the most "collector friendly" person in the world, and he was going to be a dickhole and try to snag this card from you.

Crisis averted, as I managed to talk him down and cancel his $100 bid. I told him to let a real collector complete his set.

Congrats again on the joy of completion!

stusigpi said...


I was not prepared to go a c-note on it, the only joy I would have had was to know that I was going to complete the set anyway with the 32 patch lot i am buying and that someone paid $50+ (my high bid) for a card they have no interest in.

I knew this was a possibility because many knew that I had been searching for the card. Thats why I posted on my page asking people not to do that.

Anyway, thanks for talking him out of it.