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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Panini Crown Royale avec fromage - $25 SRP

Configuration: 7 Cards, 4 Packs, 12 Boxes
Pack SRP: $25.00

So $100 a box. Thats a lot of cash, but is it really? I am assuming you get 4 hits per box. So basically this is on par with every other release out there for cost. Take SPA for example. 3 hits, ok I know there are hot boxes that have 6, in fact I got 3 RPA's in one box, but boxes are $100 thus each hit pack is $33. Exquisite is $75 per hit. Thus $25 per hit isn't really out of the ordinary. Plus these are going to be On-Card. If I can get Gasol and the like, I am ok with that. Good god, that's two Panini products that I don't hate and might even like.

Now we will have to wait to see what the checklist is like and see what kind of sticker auto/on card auto ratio we have. In a product like absolute memorabilia you get sticker autos and some pretty crappy pulls overall. Maybe Crown Royale will be better? At least Panini seems to be listening.

Does Panini communicate with those of you that have gotten review boxes, or do they just show up. Do they every ask for your feedback directly?


Offy said...

How long has Gasol been masquerading as Zorro?

Alex said...

As I said when you posted earlier pictures of this set, these look great. Panini, you need to do a fottball version of this set!