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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some people never learn, nor do they care

Jason over at Fieldlevelview posted that ***ryder*** and his alter ego Ufjumper7 is selling fake patches. He was refering to this FCB forum post. The forum post was done in the last couple of days.

The funny thing is that this guy has been posted about quite a few times and a search on yahoo of ufjumper7 brings up multiple search results that call him a scam artist yet he sells a ton of fake patches for a lot of money.

Many of us wonder who these people are that buy from him. I am suspecting that these are very unsophisticated buyers that frankly just aren't that intelligent or as gullible as it gets. I mean no one pulls this many patches that are that nice. Also, look at what ufjumper7 buys. For Pete's sake he is buying the patches he uses to fake his cards with the same account he buys them with. Then there is the selling account ***ryder*** . BTW check out his Jordan rookie fakes. Note how he states they aren't "stamped" on the back. Yeah, that means that they aren't marked as reprints so have at them and try to rip others off.

It gets to the point where I don't feel sorry for the buyers if they are that dumb. More money than sense I suppose. I bought a ton of patches for my masterpieces patch set and I am sure that in the latest batch there are 2 fakes, but I also didn't pay enough for them for it to matter. Also, it has gotten to the point where the fakes don't matter. Its almost impossible to detect them and most people accept them as being real, plus logo patches aren't special anymore. Anyone that pays a premium for logo patches is a moron anyway because of the fake possibility and they just arent that rare anymore.

One of the tricks these guys use is that they do have some legitimate cards or so they seem. Note the AP and Matt Ryan autos. Three possible reasons to have those. 1. to make it seem like he has legitimate high end cards. 2. To remove a real sticker auto and replace it with a fake so he can sell the once legitimate card for BV or higher and to stick the real auto sticker on an otherwise $1 card. The sticker would pass authentication because the auto on the sticker is real 3. To have the card to use as a template for fake autos.

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