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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet pickup for a Canadia Collecting Friend

No its not my card but i do on occasion buy cards for my Canadia readers and ship them to them. Why do I do that? So my Joe Collectoring friends from the North are not deprived of cards they desire. One of my readers is a passionate Felix Hernandez collector and he has a problem with sellers that won't ship to the great white north. Why would someone not ship there? 1. Customs forms 2. Difficulty in tracking shipments and more. I have gotten him 1/1 sweet spot action and today this:

If any of you Canadia people need my services, just let me know. All I ask is that you cover all shipping and my paypal fees in accepting your payment.


Roy said...

Quite a beautiful card. Imagine it without stickers.

King Felix 4 CY said...

Yeah, very nice card indeed. Thanks, Jeff! It is numbered 4/5 in case anyone was curious.

Alex said...

If you think shipping to Canada can be a bit of a problem, try getting some sellers to ship to Australia! Actually, in 95% of cases, even when a seller says they won't ship outside the US, they will ship to me in Australia once I point them towards my feedback.

Regardless, it's nice of you to do what you do for those readers in Canada.